If You Can Control Your Hunger, You Can Control Your Life

During my 48 total detox I realized something pretty important.

If you have the willpower to refrain from eating, you will be able to accomplish just about anything in life.

Hunger is something we all have. We all need to eat to survive.

A lot of people choose to eat unhealthy food because the fat, sugar and salt pleasure their taste buds.

Your willpower diminishes when you are no longer able to control what you eat. Once your hunger controls you, you are pretty much screwed.

Life is all about choices. The reason humans are superior is because we are aware of these choices. We have free will to choose the things we want.

But when you give in to physical pleasures you are no longer in control. Your animal body is in control. You no longer have free will.

Food is a huge ego trap. Food is our energy and life source. We need the nutrients from the food to fuel our body.

The healthier the food, the healthier your body.

But nowadays everything is so processed and artificial because it is cheap and easy to make. The companies profit so much off of fake food.

They spend billions of dollars on research to perfect the taste to make the consumer as addicted as possible.

The reason unhealthy food is so addicted is because of the huge amounts of fat, sugar and salt. It makes our brain and body feel some type of way. You get addicted to it and soon you refuse to eat healthy food.

You are longer in control of what you eat. The food has complete control over you.

This is why I believe if you can control your hunger and control what you eat you can take back control of your life.

Choosing to do the right things instead of doing the things that feel good provides a huge increase in willpower.

If you lack motivation to do things in life it is likely because you are not in control. Your body and mind are in control of you. All your body wants is instant gratification and short term pleasures.

But these things are not good for you in the long run. They just make you lazier and unhealthier.

To take back control of your life you need to learn how to control your hunger and control wha you eat.

It truly is that easy.

Start eating all of that processed food and start eating more natural food.

You will be amazed at how much it will change your life.

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