My Experience With Aphantasia (Can’t Create Mental Images)

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Aphantasia is defined as the inability to form mental images of objects that are not present.

So, in other words, I cannot see any objects in my head when I’m thinking about them. 

If someone told me to imagine a red apple, I cannot create that image in my head.

Instead, I intuitively think about it.

This hasn’t always been the case.

When I was younger I read a shit ton of books. Specifically fiction books. And I used to be able to imagine everything in my head. I was a super creative and imaginative child.

But once I underwent my so-called spiritual awakening, I could no longer form mental images.

I believe this is because I became fully present.

I was no longer a thinking being.

I am now just in constant flow with the universe, and I am always present. Therefore, I no longer rely so much on my thinking brain.

I am a firm believer that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Most of society is almost fully immersed in the physical, human aspect of life that they are no longer in flow with the universe.

Whereas I am mostly a spiritual being and my human body is just like a little shell.

I’m sure most people believe mind and body are two sepearte things. But I also believe mind and spirit/consciousness are also two very separate things.

You are not just your body. And that little voice in your head is not you either.

You are the consciousness that is aware of your body and that little voice.

Your true essence is a spirit.

But I don’t want to get too deep in to this because this is a topic for a different time.

I just had to preface my views a bit before I could fully explain my view on Aphantasia.

I do believe I have aphantasia because I can no longer create any mental images in my head. I believe this is because of my spiritual awakening. You can read about the moment I ‘woke up’ spiritually here.

Ever since that moment I can no longer read fiction books. Ever since then I have only read self-help, spiritual and educational books because those don’t require much mental imaging.

A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I try to explain my power.

I do not see it as a disability.

I would much rather be present and be in flow with the universe than having the ability to create mental images.

This is because I believe I am my true self, and I am acting through my true presence ever since I had my little awakening. 

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