Tremendous Life Hack for Self-Improvement

“If we changed places would you change my ways?”

These were the lyrics of a song I listened to recently and they really got me thinking.

I am a hardcore empath so I always put myself in peoples’ shoes before judging their life and actions. 

But when I heard this line it brought a new light to this way of thinking for me. 

Usually, the only time I put myself in the perspective of others, is when they undergo certain actions or make certain decisions. 

I never pondered deeply on the idea of “if we changed places would you change my ways.”

The way I see it is you first have to put yourself in the perspective of someone else and see what you would change in their day to day life to improve their life. 

In other words, pretend to change places with someone. And now you must live their life. Everyone has their struggles and we all have things we need to change in our lives to be happier.

So as you’re hypothetically living out this person’s life, spend some time to analyze things you would change. Whether it be diet, spending less time on social media, being nicer to people, exercising more, looking for a new job, learning a new skill, etc.

Then you repeat this activity.

But this time, you are pretending to be someone else who is changing places with yourself and you are analyzing the situation to see what you would change about yourself. 

After some deep reflection you will see what needs to be done in your life. You will see all the areas you need to improve. 

Bringing this new perspective gives you a fresh set of eyes and gives you a behind the scenes look at all the stuff you’ve been neglecting simply because you just got used to it. 

We tend to get very comfortable and we get stuck in these cycles. We are scared of the unknown so we just stick to what we know and what we’re good at. 

But the truth is, this comfort is destroying our lives. You can’t be comfortable and change at the same time. And if you can’t change, you can never improve. And I can guarantee no one is truly satisfied where they are at in life. 

So to find out what needs to be done in your life to make the necessary improvements to see more success and happiness and abundance you must undergo this activity of trading places with yourself. 

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