Why Intelligence is a Blessing and a Curse

I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before but I’m going to say it again for the sake of this post.

I am one of those naturally smart and gifted people. Never had to study, never had to put effort into anything and was still a straight A student and just successful in about everything I do.

But I am also someone who generally doesn’t care about social status and success as seen in the eyes of society.

I don’t care about money or material things or what people think about me.

I have my own interests and hobbies and I don’t want to be stuck in this rat race.

So, even though I don’t care about social status, money, and material things, I am still constantly effected by these things.

Nowadays you need money to survive. Even water costs money. We are born on this floating rock in the middle of nowhere, yet we’re paying other people to live, shit doesn’t make sense.

We don’t choose to be born, yet we have to constantly pay for basic necessities to survive. Things that are provided by Earth naturally and for free.

With intelligence comes constant thinking and analyzing. I can never shut my brain off. And I am just surrounded by stupidity and corruption that doesn’t allow me to live the life I want to live. And since my brain is always thinking, I can never just ignore these things. I can never just relax and live my life the way I want to.

I feel pressure 24/7 because I was born extremely gifted and therefore I feel obligated to contribute to this world.

My whole life I’ve just wanted to live a primitive life. I want to live in the woods and survive off the land and just relax and enjoy life for what it is.

Instead I am trapped in this rat race. This endless cycle of buying pointless shit and paying bills and working just to survive.

Which brings me to my next point.

I have had so many opportunities over the years to make a lot of money. I have gotten so many lucrative job offers because of my intelligence.

But I am not interested in this shit. I want to do things that help the planet. I want to end suffering, I want to make the world a better place.

Ignorance is Bliss

Everyday I ponder on the idea of “would I be happier if I was simple minded and ignorant like everyone else.” And yes, I think I would be. The majority of the population can’t even comprehend that there is way more to life and that it is very possible to living much happier lives.

Everyone is programmed and conditioned to believe that the point of life is to go to school, get a degree, find a decent paying job and just work the rest of your life buying meaningless objects and paying bills.

But being intelligent, I can see that this whole societal construct is complete bullshit and is ultimately stupid as fuck.

I could easily make 6 figures a year if I wanted to. I could be very “successful” because of my intelligence. But this would not bring me happiness.

So now I’m stuck having to live in this little pointless cycle whilst knowing there is so much more to life.

I feel like I’m the only sober one at a party full of drunks.

Tremendous Life Hack for Self-Improvement

“If we changed places would you change my ways?”

These were the lyrics of a song I listened to recently and they really got me thinking.

I am a hardcore empath so I always put myself in peoples’ shoes before judging their life and actions. 

But when I heard this line it brought a new light to this way of thinking for me. 

Usually, the only time I put myself in the perspective of others, is when they undergo certain actions or make certain decisions. 

I never pondered deeply on the idea of “if we changed places would you change my ways.”

The way I see it is you first have to put yourself in the perspective of someone else and see what you would change in their day to day life to improve their life. 

In other words, pretend to change places with someone. And now you must live their life. Everyone has their struggles and we all have things we need to change in our lives to be happier.

So as you’re hypothetically living out this person’s life, spend some time to analyze things you would change. Whether it be diet, spending less time on social media, being nicer to people, exercising more, looking for a new job, learning a new skill, etc.

Then you repeat this activity.

But this time, you are pretending to be someone else who is changing places with yourself and you are analyzing the situation to see what you would change about yourself. 

After some deep reflection you will see what needs to be done in your life. You will see all the areas you need to improve. 

Bringing this new perspective gives you a fresh set of eyes and gives you a behind the scenes look at all the stuff you’ve been neglecting simply because you just got used to it. 

We tend to get very comfortable and we get stuck in these cycles. We are scared of the unknown so we just stick to what we know and what we’re good at. 

But the truth is, this comfort is destroying our lives. You can’t be comfortable and change at the same time. And if you can’t change, you can never improve. And I can guarantee no one is truly satisfied where they are at in life. 

So to find out what needs to be done in your life to make the necessary improvements to see more success and happiness and abundance you must undergo this activity of trading places with yourself. 

We Are Being Forced Into Quarantine to Join the Metaverse

Ever since I was a kid I predicted that Virtual Reality would take over.

Wall-E was a documentary. Ready Player One was also a documentary.

That is our future.

People will get addicted to the Metaverse and very soon people will care about their “online life” more than their “real” life.

There are so many ads and commercials for virtual reality lately.

And coincidentally a new strain of Covid comes out and everyone gets sick.

I can guarantee we will go back into quarantine and the Metaverse will start growing in popularity.

People will be stuck at home and will have the mindset of “well I’m stuck at home. Might as well hop onto the Metaverse.” Soon enough everyone will be hooked.

Shits about to go down.

The Real Solution to The Coronavirus (Omicron Variant)

Video Version

Let me start this off with a story

I was at the doctor’s office a couple of days ago.

Whilst waiting for my appointment a man comes in.

He walks up to the receptionist and says “Hey, I am here for a Covid test”

The woman replies “Okay, have you been here before?”

The man replies, “Yes, I was here about an hour ago.”

She says, “Oh, so are you here for your results?”

He said, “No, I got my results, and they were positive.”

She looked at him confused and said, “Oh, so what do you need?”

The man then says, “I demand a retest! I am vaccinated and I wear a mask therefore it is impossible that I have the virus! You guys owe me another test because your test was obviously wrong!”

At this point I literally laughed out loud and shook my head.

The very little hope I had left for humanity was diminished.

I had a feeling all along that people viewed the vaccine as a cure-all and my suspicions were then brought into fruition.

How Vaccines Work

I was really hoping it did not have to come to this but here I am.

I tried my best to stay out of all this coronavirus shit and all this vaccine talk but obviously people have no idea how vaccines work so I guess I have to explain it.

Your body is presented with thousands of germs and bacteria everyday. Your immune system is able to fight off most of these.

For viruses that are much stronger such as the coronavirus, a lot of peoples’ immune systems aren’t strong enough to fight it off. Chances are, you are going to get pretty sick when contracting this virus.

When you get a vaccine you are getting a weakened version of the pathogen. All that is happening is you are introducing your immune system to a very watered down version of the pathogen.  

This gives your immune system a little introduction to the virus so it can create antibodies.

A vaccine is familiarizing your body with the virus so it will know what to do if you are infected with this pathogen in the future.


A vaccine is a safety measure to help your body fight off the infection sooner so you don’t get seriously sick. A vaccine introduces the pathogen to your body and creates anitbodies so your immune system can fight it off faster.

If you’re vaccinated, it just means you have a less chance of getting seriously sick.

And the reason they want everyone to get the vaccine is to create something called a herd immunity.

If you have the vaccine and have a lower chance of getting seriously sick, then you have a lower chance of getting someone else seriously sick.

That is all.

The vaccine does not cure the coronavirus.

The vaccine does not prevent you from getting the coronavirus.

The vaccine won’t magically make all viruses go away.

To make viruses go away you need to stop doing the things that cause the virus.

And guess what causes these viruses.

Eating animals.

The Cause of the Viruses

Swine flu, Ebola, SARS, Marburg, HIV, Bird Flu, Coronavirus, MERS and so on.

All of these viruses are called zoonotic diseases. Meaning they were caused by the consumption and exploitation of animals.

If we stopped eating dead animal flesh these viruses would stop emerging.

I can guarantee if we continue eating the flesh of dead animals and keep torturing and enslaving billions of animals, more and more diseases will emerge, and they will only become deadlier and deadlier.

Not only does eating murdered animal flesh cause these diseases, but it makes our bodies more susceptible to these diseases.

Consuming animal products is the leading cause of all the deadliest illnesses in the world.

Heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, obesity, just to name a few.

All of these conditions can be directly linked to diet and lifestyle. And one of the biggest factors is the exploitation and consumption of animals.

Over 40% of Americans are obese. 40 fucking percent. That is almost half of the population.

So these viruses are not the problem. People not wearing masks and unvaccinated people are not the problem.

Your diet and lifestyle are the problem.

The Real Problem

The whole point of eating food is to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to function correctly.

And sorry to break it to you but McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, or whatever the fuck people eat nowadays is not very nutrient dense.

When all you eat is processed foods your body does not get any of the nutrients it needs.

Therefore your immune system cannot function properly and cannot fight off all of these diseases.

And please, stop blaming genetics. You are not unhealthy because it’s in your genes. You are unhealthy because you grew up eating the same shit your parents did.

You’re blaming it on your genes when you can’t even fit in your jeans.

One more time for the people in the back.

The problem is not the people who refuse to wear masks. And the problem is not the unvaccinated people.

The problem is the terrible diet and lifestyle that the majority of the population follows.

If you want to be healthy you need to acquire a healthy lifestyle.

This does not mean you have to follow a strict plant-based vegan diet and run 10 miles everyday.

You just need to stop eating processed food for every single meal and you need to get off the couch every once in awhile.

We all have to start somewhere.

The reason you feel like shit is because you constantly eat shit.

SO instead of being scared of this new omicron, moronic whatever variant and waiting around for a vaccine and blamaing other people for not wearing masks.

Change your lifestyle. Eat healthier. Exercise. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day.

And please, do not say you don’t have the time. That is my biggest pet peeve.

If you can watch Netflix for 4 hours a day and scroll on social media all day. You can take a couple minutes to cook a healthy meal and you can take 15 minutes to get a workout in.

Rant Over.


Why We Use Filler Words (I Say “Like” A LOT)

Tough thumbnail but I’m too lazy to change it. But here’s the video version

Filler words such as “umm, uhh, you know”, and my personal favorite, “like,” can be extremely distracting and these words are a very bad habit that most people don’t even realize they have.

I recorded a video last night and when editing, I realized I say “like” a shit ton. Most of the time I’m not even aware of it. But even when I was aware of it, I still did it.

Last night I ended up watching about 2 hours of YouTube videos and read at least 5 articles on why we tend to say “like” and use other filler words.

My goal was to first learn why we do it, and then learn how to stop.

I’m hoping to become so aware of it that I can eventually stop, because it can honestly become so distracting once you notice someone’s go-to filler word. You spend the rest of the time just waiting for that next filler word like it’s Chinese Water Torture.

I honestly think I first acquired the habit of saying “like” by mocking people who used it.

I tend to mock and tease people often, and it’s not because I’m an asshole (I am an asshole). It is actually just tough love. I like to tease people in a friendly matter to help them become aware of things so they can end up changing it.

I think it is also because I am socially awkward and I don’t like calling people out directly. Instead, I like to joke and not take it seriously, so I don’t seem too harsh.

I started mocking people who said “like” all the time and eventually karma came around and bit me in the ass and now I acquired a bad habit of using the world ALL THE TIME.

Valley Girl Speech

After my research I realized it is a very common filler word. It actually has so many different meanings and is very versatile.

Over the years the word “like” has acquired so many different definitions and when used in speech it can obtain even more definitions by using different tones of voice and so on.

The word is thought to have originated in the Valley. It was first considered to be Valley Girl Speech.

Like totally.

Eventually it caught on and I think it’s because people just constantly mocked it like I did, and it just stuck.

(I used like in that sentence but that one was an actual correct use of the word lol.)

I also intentionally used “lol” at the end of the sentence because it brings me to my next point.

The Infamous “LOL”

Filler words are evolving and nowadays I think the most common are “lol, lmao, bruh, bro” and so on.

These words are rarely used for their original definition anymore.

Most people aren’t laughing out loud when using the word “lol” and most people aren’t your bro.

These new age filler words are mostly used to portray lack of seriousness.

And to be honest I think these words are a crutch for insecurity.

But that’s a conversation for another time. 

Granted, these new filler words are used in text, and it’s super hard to portray context and tonality over text. So “lol” is kind of just used to lighten the load and show lack of seriousness.

But in my honest opinion I think this is causing everyone to not truly speak their mind anymore, because you can just throw “lol” in there and it no longer makes you look bad because you were like, totally joking lol.

Discourse Markers

Another reason I think I use the word “like” is because it is considered a “discourse marker.”

Meaning the word is used to direct the flow of conversation.

It establishes a loose connection between thoughts, and it also introduces someone else’s words or actions.

I believe I use it because I’m trying to give my listeners a real time view into my thought process. I’m trying to let my listeners follow, interpret, and predict what I’m about to say.

I am a hardcore empath and I’m very good at putting myself in people’s shoes, so I almost always know what they are about to say. So, I think I use the word “like” to bring people into my position so they can see what I’m trying to say and why I’m saying it.

Filled Pauses

My last and most important reason for using this word so much is because I used it as a “filled pause” as well. A lot of people use “umm, uhh, ehm, etc” as filled pauses. I might use these words as well, but I’m not aware of it. I think I tend to use “like” way more.

My reason for this filled pause is to imply that I’m not finished with my sentence or thought.

I’m used to being around people that always cut me off and speak over me.

Nowadays people only listen to speak, instead of listening to understand.

So, I believe I throw that word in there instead of pausing because pausing may seem like I’m ending my thought so someone else can interject. But in reality, I’m just looking for the right word to say, or I’m trying to think of my next sentence.

I could go deeper into this subject. But I am more so using it for myself to become more aware of my bad habit of saying “like” all the time.

I promise I am going to do my best to refrain from using it because I know how distracting and annoying it can be.

And I really want to start making long podcast episodes as well as make more YouTube videos, but I want to make sure my dialect is as smooth as possible. I want people to focus on my message instead of being distracted by my unprofessional communication skills.

The Moment I ‘Woke Up’ Spiritually

Video Version

I have always felt different. I always knew I was different and I always felt that there was more to life.

I believe in reincarnation and I believe I am a very old soul.

Ever since a very young age my mind has worked very differently and I have had a very peculiar intelligence that is so effortless.

My whole life I have never had to try. Everything just came to me like I’ve already done it a million times.

I have a photographic memory which is ironic because of my Aphantasia.

It’s not a photographic memory as to where I can just see everything I’ve ever looked at like a library. Instead, it is just stored in my brain as an intuition that I can access at pretty much anytime.

Anyways, what I’m trying to get at is I have always been spiritual in a sense that I knew there was way more to life than just the physical human existence.

But I grew up in a very small, conservative town so I had no immediate access to resources beyond the whole societal belief that life is all about going to school, getting a job, working your whole life, having kids, and just settling. Never exploring your mind, never exploring the world. You’re just basically a machine.

And growing up around that always made me feel so crazy and secluded.

I came off as shy but it’s only because I didn’t give a fuck what everyone else was saying. It was all pointless regurgitated shit that provided no benefit to me.

I was always wondering what the meaning of life was, why we were here, where humans came from, what our purpose was and so on.

And all people around me talked about was each other and about the news and the weather and other pointless shit.

When I finally had the chance to leave and go to college, I was finally able to be myself a little more. I could finally do the things I was interested in.

I started reading books on spirituality and philosophy.

And there was one specifc book that really opened my mind and caused a so-called “spiritual awakening.”

This was about 4 years ago now.

I was attending Central Michigan University.

I was an undecided major at this time, like I was most of my college career.

But on this particular day I decided to walk down the train tracks and go to this park with a river.

I honestly don’t know the name of the park or the river. But I visited that place quite frequently because I love nature.

So, I decided to go down by the water and read a book.

The book I was reading that day is called Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

This book is an autobiography of Richard Alpert, or as he is now known, Ram Dass.

Richard was a very successful Harvard professor but he always had the feeling there was more to life.

Even though he was seen as successful in the eyes of society by being a professor at Harvard, he was not satisfied with his life.

He tried using intellect to study and figure out human consciousness but his findings always came up short.

Eventually he was approached by a man who invited him on a conquest in India.

This conquest included mediation, yoga and LSD.

I don’t want to spoil the book too much.

But eventually in this book he said something and it just clicked.

His guru told him to just surrender to his life. Stop trying to fight the current, stop swimming, and just flow with the current. He told him to just “Be.”

And at this moment everything just clicked and it felt like my eyes were opened for the first time.

This was the first time in my life I truly just let go.

I heard the river next to me flowing and I closed by eyes and just became one with the world.

When I opened my eyes it felt like I was seeing the world for how it truly was for the first time ever.

Everyhing was so bright and beautiful. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so light and joyful.

I set the book down and was just present for multiple hours.

And yes, I was sober. The only thing I was high on was life.

And ever since that day I have always been in flow with the universe.

I go through my phases of ups and downs of course because I am human.

But my life was never the same after that moment.

I’m not saying this will happen for everyone by reading this book and reading these words.

But your time will come.

You just have to keep doing things that align with your true self.

You know deep down that there is more to life. You know deep down what your true passions are.

You just have to be your true self and stop trying to please everyone else.

Stop doing what everyone else expects of you.

Because at the end of the day the only one there for you is you.

You will never be truly happy If you only chase the version of success that is fed to us in society.

There will always be something missing.

You have to learn to Be Here Now and make the most out of every moment.

Because the present moment is all that exists.

My Experience With Aphantasia (Can’t Create Mental Images)

Video Version

Aphantasia is defined as the inability to form mental images of objects that are not present.

So, in other words, I cannot see any objects in my head when I’m thinking about them. 

If someone told me to imagine a red apple, I cannot create that image in my head.

Instead, I intuitively think about it.

This hasn’t always been the case.

When I was younger I read a shit ton of books. Specifically fiction books. And I used to be able to imagine everything in my head. I was a super creative and imaginative child.

But once I underwent my so-called spiritual awakening, I could no longer form mental images.

I believe this is because I became fully present.

I was no longer a thinking being.

I am now just in constant flow with the universe, and I am always present. Therefore, I no longer rely so much on my thinking brain.

I am a firm believer that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Most of society is almost fully immersed in the physical, human aspect of life that they are no longer in flow with the universe.

Whereas I am mostly a spiritual being and my human body is just like a little shell.

I’m sure most people believe mind and body are two sepearte things. But I also believe mind and spirit/consciousness are also two very separate things.

You are not just your body. And that little voice in your head is not you either.

You are the consciousness that is aware of your body and that little voice.

Your true essence is a spirit.

But I don’t want to get too deep in to this because this is a topic for a different time.

I just had to preface my views a bit before I could fully explain my view on Aphantasia.

I do believe I have aphantasia because I can no longer create any mental images in my head. I believe this is because of my spiritual awakening. You can read about the moment I ‘woke up’ spiritually here.

Ever since that moment I can no longer read fiction books. Ever since then I have only read self-help, spiritual and educational books because those don’t require much mental imaging.

A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I try to explain my power.

I do not see it as a disability.

I would much rather be present and be in flow with the universe than having the ability to create mental images.

This is because I believe I am my true self, and I am acting through my true presence ever since I had my little awakening. 

I Am Someone Who Does Not Hear A Voice In Their Head

Video Version

There was a viral tweet that went around about a year ago stating that some people have an internal narrative while others do not. 

I didn’t really look in to it at the time, but after a little research I believe I am someone who falls under the category of not having an internal narrative. 

From my understanding there are people who actually can ‘hear’ the voice in their head. And then there are people who cannot hear that voice. 

When I think and when I talk to myself in my head I do not ‘hear’ a voice. I more-so intuitively hear/see a voice. 

It is very hard to explain, especially to someone who does hear their voice. 

But I also believe I have aphantasia. You can read about my experience with aphantasia here. 

Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images in ones mind. 

And I am wondering if these two things go hand in hand, or if I am just that unique and just so happen to not have an internal narrative as well as possessing the inability to create mental images. 

If I had to pinpoint a certain moment of my life when these things could have happened it could have been a moment years ago when I ‘woke up’ spiritually. 

You can read about my awakening moment here. 

Why I Hate Thanksgiving

The way we are taught about Thanksgiving in school and, just in general, is super f*cked up in my opinion. Like most of American history, the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans is super whitewashed.

As white Americans we see Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate the things we are thankful for, and it is a day to spend time with family and friends and feast on food.

We are led to believe that on this day, hundreds of years ago, a friendly little celebration occurred between the settlers and the native people. This was a ceremony to celebrate the first successful harvest of food for the pilgrims which was taught by the native people.

This part of the story is true. But what is untrue is the fact that it was a friendly event.

The Story

Around 1620 English dissenters supposedly gathered in present day Massachusetts in what they called Plymouth Colony and had a celebration with the Wampanoag Tribe who were natives there.

The settlers were struggling ever since landing in America, and the Wampanoags taught these Pilgrims how to survive in this new and unfamiliar land by teaching them to farm.

After their first successful harvest, they had a three-day celebration in which they feasted on all the food they had grown. Along with animals such as turkey, geese, deer, etc. (This is not a fact and I could be wrong)

This sounds all fine and dandy. But of course, a lot of details were left out.

Even though it could be true that the settlers and natives got along for at least a little while and taught each other useful things; things got nasty soon after.

White people being white people, got greedy and wanted this land that they “discovered” to themselves. They took what they learned from the Natives and most likely decided they didn’t need their help anymore.

Soon after this little ceremony, the killings began. I could do more research on what actually went down but honestly it doesn’t matter. Either way, the things the Pilgrims did to the Native people is super messed up.

Raids, abductions, slaughters and pillaging started going down.

Native women were abducted and raped. Native men were murdered and scalped.

Eventually the Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe was murdered and that was when sh*t really hit the fan.

The English settlers supposedly cut off the Chief’s head and placed it on a spike in the ground.

This is also around the time where the Pilgrims forcibly exiled the Natives from their homeland. By this time, about 30% of the Native American population was already murdered.

A large amount dying from a disease brought over by the English settlers. And which I believe was a very intentional sabotage.

So not only did the English settlers murder most of the Native population. But they also made them get up and move across the country and leave their home and community behind, ultimately causing a lot more deaths.

I f*cking hate white people and I am as white as they come.

The Genius and Noble Christopher Columbus

I think the thing that pisses me off the most, is the fact that so many people still believe that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America.

He was aiming for India and just accidentally stumbled upon this continent.

And people still have the nerve to call Native Americans “Indians” and it’s all due to the fact that Columbus thought he was in India, which he was aiming for, but was instead in America, which he so heroically ‘discovered’. (that was sarcasm for those who can’t comprehend)

And then the good ole white people claimed it for themselves like we do with everything.

The English settlers really had the nerve to claim to discover America and then go rape, scalp, kill, intentionally infect, and exile the Native Americans.

And then we have a whole ass day to celebrate this wrongdoing.

In my opinion that is the equivalent to invading Mexico; killing the men, scalping them, raping and killing the women, killing the children, and forcing everyone else to hike or swim to South America.

And then stealing their culture and having the nerves to call Taco Bell and Chipotle authentic Mexican food and then having a whole holiday to celebrate all the anguish we caused.

Also, I hate having to say “we” when talking about white Americans. Although I am white, I do not claim my race.

It sucks because I know how privileged I am being a white male in America, and I have the freedom to say and do whatever I want. But it sucks having to be grouped with all these big ego, small d*ck energy, white males.

But anyways, I have about two more main topics about why I hate Thanksgiving.

The Treatment of Native Americans

Another thing that p*sses me off is still how oppressed Native Americans are. Still, to this day, Natives are treated like sh*t.

We think just because we have holidays, reservations, casinos, etc. that we automatically just squashed the beef caused by the wrongful murder and uprooting of an entire civilization.

But this is not the case.

This makes Thanksgiving an even bigger punch in the face to the Native Americans. Because the privileged white people end up making this holiday all about themselves and all they care about is having the day off of work and filling their faces with food until they are in a food coma and preparing to buy a bunch of needless sh*t on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This holiday is supposed to be about gratitude and community and friendship. But the white people turned it in to just another day full of greed and physical pleasure.


The last thing I want to talk about is the good ole Thanksgiving tradition of farming and murdering millions of turkeys.

Because what better way of celebrating a holiday of wrongful murder by committing millions more wrongful murders 🙂

F*ck yeah, America!

Oh no here he goes again bringing up his stupid crazy vegan agenda.

Just let me show you a picture of a turkey farm.

Millions upon millions of turkeys are artificially inseminated and bred. Just so we can slaughter them and consume their flesh to celebrate the slaughter of Native Americans.