Feeling Lost

If you are feeling lost and sick of the life you are living it’s because you are looking for happiness in short term pleasures. 

If your life consists of working all week at a job you don’t enjoy and all you do is look forward to the weekend so you can get drunk and hang with friends and eat “tasty” food; then you will never truly be happy. 

When you live a life of pleasures you’ll never feel complete. There will always be something missing. 

It’s just an endless cycle of misery and you need to make a change. It won’t magically get better by itself. It’s always the same shit, different day. 

You won’t all of a sudden become rich and successful one night when you’re at the bar with your friends. It doesn’t work like that. You have to create your future with what you do right now. 

In this lifestyle you are just pushing your feelings aside. You are looking for happiness in the alcohol and food. But this life is not working. 

The only way to fix it is face your problems head on. Stop pushing them away and ignoring them. 

It’s okay to say no to your friends. It’s okay to be “not cool” and sit home on a Friday and work on yourself and create a future for yourself. 

You will be much cooler in the future when you are actually living a life you enjoy and you’re finally truly happy while your friends are still going to the bars every week, living a miserable, pointless life. 

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