Why I Hate Thanksgiving

The way we are taught about Thanksgiving in school and, just in general, is super f*cked up in my opinion. Like most of American history, the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans is super whitewashed.

As white Americans we see Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate the things we are thankful for, and it is a day to spend time with family and friends and feast on food.

We are led to believe that on this day, hundreds of years ago, a friendly little celebration occurred between the settlers and the native people. This was a ceremony to celebrate the first successful harvest of food for the pilgrims which was taught by the native people.

This part of the story is true. But what is untrue is the fact that it was a friendly event.

The Story

Around 1620 English dissenters supposedly gathered in present day Massachusetts in what they called Plymouth Colony and had a celebration with the Wampanoag Tribe who were natives there.

The settlers were struggling ever since landing in America, and the Wampanoags taught these Pilgrims how to survive in this new and unfamiliar land by teaching them to farm.

After their first successful harvest, they had a three-day celebration in which they feasted on all the food they had grown. Along with animals such as turkey, geese, deer, etc. (This is not a fact and I could be wrong)

This sounds all fine and dandy. But of course, a lot of details were left out.

Even though it could be true that the settlers and natives got along for at least a little while and taught each other useful things; things got nasty soon after.

White people being white people, got greedy and wanted this land that they “discovered” to themselves. They took what they learned from the Natives and most likely decided they didn’t need their help anymore.

Soon after this little ceremony, the killings began. I could do more research on what actually went down but honestly it doesn’t matter. Either way, the things the Pilgrims did to the Native people is super messed up.

Raids, abductions, slaughters and pillaging started going down.

Native women were abducted and raped. Native men were murdered and scalped.

Eventually the Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe was murdered and that was when sh*t really hit the fan.

The English settlers supposedly cut off the Chief’s head and placed it on a spike in the ground.

This is also around the time where the Pilgrims forcibly exiled the Natives from their homeland. By this time, about 30% of the Native American population was already murdered.

A large amount dying from a disease brought over by the English settlers. And which I believe was a very intentional sabotage.

So not only did the English settlers murder most of the Native population. But they also made them get up and move across the country and leave their home and community behind, ultimately causing a lot more deaths.

I f*cking hate white people and I am as white as they come.

The Genius and Noble Christopher Columbus

I think the thing that pisses me off the most, is the fact that so many people still believe that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America.

He was aiming for India and just accidentally stumbled upon this continent.

And people still have the nerve to call Native Americans “Indians” and it’s all due to the fact that Columbus thought he was in India, which he was aiming for, but was instead in America, which he so heroically ‘discovered’. (that was sarcasm for those who can’t comprehend)

And then the good ole white people claimed it for themselves like we do with everything.

The English settlers really had the nerve to claim to discover America and then go rape, scalp, kill, intentionally infect, and exile the Native Americans.

And then we have a whole ass day to celebrate this wrongdoing.

In my opinion that is the equivalent to invading Mexico; killing the men, scalping them, raping and killing the women, killing the children, and forcing everyone else to hike or swim to South America.

And then stealing their culture and having the nerves to call Taco Bell and Chipotle authentic Mexican food and then having a whole holiday to celebrate all the anguish we caused.

Also, I hate having to say “we” when talking about white Americans. Although I am white, I do not claim my race.

It sucks because I know how privileged I am being a white male in America, and I have the freedom to say and do whatever I want. But it sucks having to be grouped with all these big ego, small d*ck energy, white males.

But anyways, I have about two more main topics about why I hate Thanksgiving.

The Treatment of Native Americans

Another thing that p*sses me off is still how oppressed Native Americans are. Still, to this day, Natives are treated like sh*t.

We think just because we have holidays, reservations, casinos, etc. that we automatically just squashed the beef caused by the wrongful murder and uprooting of an entire civilization.

But this is not the case.

This makes Thanksgiving an even bigger punch in the face to the Native Americans. Because the privileged white people end up making this holiday all about themselves and all they care about is having the day off of work and filling their faces with food until they are in a food coma and preparing to buy a bunch of needless sh*t on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This holiday is supposed to be about gratitude and community and friendship. But the white people turned it in to just another day full of greed and physical pleasure.


The last thing I want to talk about is the good ole Thanksgiving tradition of farming and murdering millions of turkeys.

Because what better way of celebrating a holiday of wrongful murder by committing millions more wrongful murders 🙂

F*ck yeah, America!

Oh no here he goes again bringing up his stupid crazy vegan agenda.

Just let me show you a picture of a turkey farm.

Millions upon millions of turkeys are artificially inseminated and bred. Just so we can slaughter them and consume their flesh to celebrate the slaughter of Native Americans.

Best Argument for Veganism

I think there is enough information out there proving a vegan diet is healthier than the standard American diet; if it is done right.

The Scenario

There are 2 burgers. They taste and look almost exactly the same.

The 1st burger has a high chance of causing heart disease and cancer. It requires a living thing to be murdered; and it is terrible for the planet because it takes 2,000 gallons of water and 2 acres of land to produce.

The 2nd burger is a lot healthier. It is made of plants. No one is harmed.

Which one would you choose?

The Main Argument Against This

“Yeah but these foods aren’t accessible and they aren’t as good and they are more expensive.”

**My Answer:

The reason there is a lack of vegan products is because the demand is low.

If more people go vegan there will be way more products and way more restaurants and businesses selling these products.

The food will only get cheaper, healthier, better tasting and more accessible.

All you have to do is cut your meat consumption in half or go fully vegan and more and more products will be available.

It truly is that simple.

Businesses follow the money. There would be way more vegan restaurants today; but there isn’t a high demand and not much money so people are skeptical.

But once the demand goes up I can guarantee these businesses will take off.

(Side note: vegan food is the cheapest food out there if done right; but I’m talking about meat alternatives here)

The Impossible Whopper Is Not Healthier!

I agree; it is not healthy, neither is the original Whopper.

But as demand goes up the more advanced and healthier the meat alternatives will get.

But I Don’t Like Vegan Food, I Like Meat!

If it is all about taste I can guarantee the higher the demand gets, the better the taste.

**Think about it. You could eat all the food you love; but it will be healthy and won’t cost an animal it’s life, and is way better for the planet**

There are some very creative people out there. They will find a way to create a healthy alternative to any food out there.

Why would you not want to choose the 2nd burger?


The first step to there being more vegan products that are easily accessible, cheap and tasty is to go vegan or just cut down your meat consumption.

Once enough of the world goes vegan the demand will be high and all businesses will focus on creating the best and cheapest vegan foods.

**Not only will everyone be healthier and happier. The immoral slaughter of animals will come to and end and MOST IMPORTANTLY we will prevent further pandemics and viruses caused by the consumption of animal!

Do I Ever Get the Urge to Eat Meat or Dairy?

I get asked this question all the time ever since I switched to a plant-based vegan diet.

“I could never give up meat, it tastes sooooo good.”

“I would die without cheese.”

“b..bu…but bacon”

I used to eat meat and dairy all the time. I lived on pizza. Meat lovers pizza to be specific.

Chocolate milk used to be my favorite thing in the world.

But I realized that my health and an animal’s life wasn’t worth that couple minutes of pleasuring my taste buds.

At first it was hard. I did crave pizza and meat and all those things.

But when my diet switched, so did my life.

I started seeing things for how they really were and not how society claimed it to be.

My head became clearer. My energy levels were so high. I felt so much lighter and healthier.

It’s been about a year now and my life is so amazing because of my choice to change my diet.

I would say it took about a month to fully get rid of all the cravings. The more time went on the more I started despising meat and dairy.

Pretty soon it actually started to disgust me.

I finally saw it for what it truly was and now I could never eat it again.

I don’t see meat as food, I see it for what it is. It is the bloody, dead flesh of a poor tortured animal.

I don’t see milk as a drink. I see it as a pus filled concoction of estrogen and growth hormones. I see it as a liquid that was meant for a cow. A cow that was killed or deprived of the milk just so a human could enjoy breastfeeding from a mother cow.

So, no, I do not crave meat or dairy. Not even one bit. It actually disgusts me now that I see it for what it really is.

A lot of people reply with, “Oh, you’re just saying that to defend your vegan argument to prove you are right.”

First of all, that is not true at all. I am always honest and straight up. I have nothing to defend.

Second of all, this is where all the misunderstanding comes from.

People see everything as I’m right and you’re wrong.

Everything is a competition when people are living through the ego.

I do not follow this diet to give myself some weird sense of superiority. I do not think I am better than anyone else. I do not try to be better than anyone else. I only try to be better than who I was yesterday. I am only in competition with myself.

I do not think I am right because I follow a vegan diet. I do not think people who eat meat are wrong and inferior.

I advocate for a plant-based vegan diet because it is the healthiest, and the best for; us, animals and the planet.

I do not present my information to try to say I am right, and you are wrong.

I am simply just trying to educate everyone. I put all these facts out there to help people.

I am trying to help people be healthier and make better choices.

You do not have to listen to me if you don’t want to. I am putting the information out there for people who actually care about their well-being. I put the information out there for people who care about animals and who would like the world to still be around for their children.

I believe diet and lifestyle is the most important thing in a person’s life. What you eat decides your whole life.

I grew up having the worst diet imaginable. I grew up on fast food and pop tarts. There were plenty of days where I would eat a pop tart for all three meals of the day.

I used to be sick 10 months out of the year. I always had a cold. I was always so lethargic.

Once I changed my diet my whole entire life changed.

A plant-based diet is the cheapest, healthiest diet for everyone.

Everything I do is to help other people because I wish someone would have told me all this stuff 10 years ago.

I am just trying to help. I’m not here to prove a point and say I am better, and I am right.

Everything I do, is to help you live a better life.

Why I Advocate For A Plant-Based Diet

I hate how certain diets have certain connotations around them. I dislike how everything is “right’ and “wrong” nowadays.

“My diet is right, and yours is wrong.”

Different things work for different people.

Plant-Based Diet

A plant based diet is one that consists mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, and with few or no animal products.

A plant-based diet isn’t a set diet. It is not a vegan diet.

A plant-based diet is one where you are eating natural and whole foods.

You are cutting out all the fake, artificial processed junk.

I don’t know how anyone can argue against this diet.

Eating natural foods full of nutrients is obviously the healthiest option.

A plant-based diet has no set rules. You can customize it how you want.

The goal is to just eat as much natural and whole foods as possible.

More Benefits of A Plant-Based Diet

Not only is it the healthiest diets, it is one of the cheapest.

It is also the best for the planet.

What Does This Diet Consist Of?

A plant-based diet consists of whole, natural foods such as:

  • Legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.)
  • Oats
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • ^Whole Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Starchy Vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes)
  • Spices/Seasonings
  • Plant based protein (tofu, tempeh)
  • Healthy Fats (avocado, olive oil, etc)

Why You Should Follow This Diet

This is the healthiest, cheapest and most beneficial diet out there. There is no debating that.

It is a very versatile diet that can meet any lifestyle.

You can still eat meat with this diet if you choose to. Just make sure the animal products aren’t highly processed.

To acquire this diet all you need to do is cut out processed junk and start eating more natural food.

You will save money, feel better, look better and will be helping out the planet.

Make the change today.

Shopping List and Recipes

Here is a cheap and healthy shopping list for a plant-based diet

Here are some recipes for the ingredients listed above

Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable

“I could never give up meat because it tastes too good”

“I would die without cheese”

One of the biggest arguments against veganism is people say they can’t give up animal products because they taste too good. 

Therefore, you are favoring your tastebuds over a living being. 

You are saying it is justifiable to allow the torture, mutilation and murder of a living being for your own sensory pleasure. 

Sensory Pleasure is Not Justifiable

Let’s apply this logic to other examples and see if it is justifiable:

-If someone steals from someone because they enjoy it. It gives them sensory pleasure; is it justifiable?

-If someone commits rape because they enjoy the sensory pleasure of sex; is that justifiable?

Just because you receive sensory pleasure from something doesn’t make it right. 

Therefore, supporting the torture, mutilation and wrongful killing of animals, because you enjoy the taste of their dead flesh, is not justifiable. 

Why It is Inhumane

Eating and killing animals is unnecessary. 

It is destroying our health and it is destroying the planet. 

It is healthier to not eat animals. 

There is no humane way to kill something that does not want to be killed. 

95% of meat comes from factory farms. 

Animals live under horrible conditions in factory farms and are killed prematurely. 

Therefore, eating them is inhumane. 

Moving Forward

Start cutting back on animal products today. 

People say they could never go vegan. This is because they are unaware of all the amazing options.

People always ask, “what do you even eat?”

To answer that, I will reply with what I don’t eat. It is just two things. Dead animals and their secretions.

Everything else out there is “vegan.”

There are endless options.

For every food you enjoy, there is a healthier vegan option of it.

As demand goes up, more and more delicious products will be released.

Speciesism Vs Racism

With this whole George Floyd thing, the huge divide amongst us becomes very apparent.

I believe racism and speciesism stem from the same source.

Speciesism is the assumption of human superiority over other animals. We think we are superior, so this is what makes it seem justifiable to torture and murder other living beings for our own sensory pleasure.

I think when one is a speciesist it can contribute to one being racist. This is a huge claim and I am not saying there is a direct correlation. I am just saying there can be some cause and effect.

If one feels he is superior over other living beings it would make sense he would feel superior to other humans beings as well.

It is hard to spread peace and love when we are murdering billions of animals for our own pleasure.

I don’t think much progress can be made with human rights when we treat other living beings so poorly.

“Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Cognitive Dissonance

One thing I have noticed while advocating for veganism is the amount of cognitive dissonance in the world.

Cognitive dissonance is when you have beliefs that contradict each other.

For example, people claim to be animal lovers. They love their cats and dogs. But then they go and eat the flesh of other animals. They think it is normal to have one animal as a pet and then pay for the torture and murder of other animals.

Or; people claim to want peace and equal rights. But then claim to be superior over all other living things. You cannot have peace when you are wrongfully killing billions of living things only for the sake of pleasure.


There is obviously a huge disconnect. People don’t understand how wrong it is to be consuming all these animal products.

Just because we have always done something doesn’t make it right.

Following a plant-based vegan diet is the best possible lifestyle change you can make for yourself and for the world.

There is a lot of other food out there that tastes amazing. This food is better for your health and the health of the planet and it doesn’t require innocent animals to be murdered.

Making The Switch

I don’t expect everyone to turn vegan overnight.

Just start cutting back on meat. Switch to plant based milks.

Watch some documentaries or YouTube videos on veganism.

Documentaries: Cowspiracy, What the Health, The Game Changers, Earthlings, etc

YouTubers: Earthling Ed. This post was actually inspired by his latest YouTube Video.

Please do your best. That is all I am asking.

I do not believe you are a bad person for eating meat. I ate meat for 21 years of my life.

I just simply want to help you, help the planet and help the animals.

Thank you.

My View On Supplements-Do I Take Them?

As you all probably know I follow a plant-based whole foods diet.

When I first started it I had so much energy and felt so amazing. But I didn’t know a lot about diet and I was mostly just eating the same foods every day.

I didn’t know about all of the wonderful plant-based food out there that is full of nutrients.

After a couple months I started losing some of that energy and was very tired at times.

I decided to download Cronometer to check if I was getting the proper nutrition I needed.

It turned out I was lacking things such as B12, Selenium, Iron, Zinc and Omega-3s.

I simply just wasn’t eating enough of the food with these nutrients because I never really looked in to a balanced diet.

I just focused on macronutrients and calories and that was it.

So I started doing some research and implemented foods high in those nutrients in to my diet.

My energy levels were back and I felt even better then when I started the diet.

But nowadays I am super busy with school, work, my blog, writing my books, taking care of my dog and so on.

So now I don’t eat that much food so it is hard to get a balanced and nutritious diet.

So now I take Complement supplements.

Complement is a very good brand and their supplements are full of all the nutrients that the majority of the population lacks in their diet.

It is a very clean supplement and I honestly see amazing results when I use it.

Now, supplements are not needed to have a healthy diet. Especially a plant-based diet.

I only take them when I don’t have enough time to eat 3 meals a day.

Nowadays I only eat 1, maybe 2 meals a day so I take a supplement to get those nutrients I am lacking.

If you don’t want to take supplements and you want to follow a plant-based diet, that is very possible.

The 5 most common nutrient deficiencies on a plant-based diet are zinc, iron, B12, omega-3s and Vitamin D.

Good sources of Zinc are beans, legumes and grains


Good sources of Iron are green vegetables, grains, lentils, dried fruit, seeds and nuts

Good sources of Vitamin D are the sun lol. But to better absorb this vitamin make sure you have enough calcium in your diet


Good sources of Omega 3s are chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and hemp-seeds. I just add chia to my oatmeal and smoothies.

B12 is the tricky one. B12 is harder to get because it used to come from the dirt of vegetables and it used to be in the water. But now with pesticides and fertilizers and fluoride and chlorine in out water it is harder to get.

Just about everyone should supplement B12. It is possible to get it from nutritional yeast and some types of fortified milk; but you are better off just taking a supplement.

This is one successful argument for non-vegans but what a lot of people don’t know is cows are supplemented with B12, and animals don’t produce B12. It is found in bacteria and in manure, and sense animals are exposed to manure they sometimes absorb it.

So everyone should be supplementing B12, even those who eat meat.

  • So to sum it up, yes I take supplements but only because I don’t eat a lot of food nowadays.
  • No matter what diet you follow you should be taking B12 supplements.
  • If you feel like your diet isn’t super balanced then head on over to https://cronometer.com or download their app in the App Store

If you would like to try Complement supplements head on over to https://lovecomplement.com/products/complement-plus-smart-vegan-capsules?variant=14329502302257

For Those Who Don’t Want to Eat “Nuts, Seeds and Grass”

Following a vegan diet doesn’t mean just eating natural foods.

I advocate for a plant-based whole foods diet because it is the healthiest and the cheapest.

But if you don’t want to go vegan because you don’t want to just eat these “healthy foods” then there is still a very good option for you.

There are plenty of meat and dairy alternatives out there.

You can still eat the things you don’t want to give up such as:

  • Burgers
  • Wings
  • Pizza
  • “Chicken”
  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Tacos
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Eggs
  • “Jerky”
  • “Steak”
  • And on and on

There are alternatives to just about any food you can think of. The best part is it can usually be made from real food and it isn’t dead animal flesh.

These alternatives will only get better tasting, more nutritious, cheaper, more accessible and more plentiful the more the demand goes up.

Most of these alternatives already exist.

You Are Mostly Vegan Already

A lot of the food you eat is already vegan, believe it or not.

For example; let’s take a burger. Bun, lettuce, onion, mustard, tomato, ketchup, pickles, and side of fries all vegan. The one thing that is not vegan is the patty. So just switch the patty for an alternative that tastes just as good.

So, to bring the demand of these types of vegan food, more people need to eat them and less people need to eat meat.

With the depletion of meat eating; things like obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, viruses, pandemics, cruelty, etc. will go down. 

The earth will also greatly benefit.

How Can I Make the Change?

Just A Few of the Many Alternatives

Quick, Cheap, Healthy Meals-Potato

Potatoes are so versatile, you can bake them fry them, or whatever you like.

My go to is cooking them in a pan and then adding onion, green peppers and sometimes some beans or lentils.

It is quick cheap and easy.

Takes about 10-15 minutes and you can switch it up so it never gets boring

You can use different seasonings and different sauces. I use:

  • Garlic powder/salt
  • Salt and pepper
  • Onion powder
  • Ketchup
  • Sriracha
  • Barbecue Sauce

Cooking instructions:I put a little bit of olive oil in a pan. Heat it up and cut up the potatoes and cook them for a couple minutes. As the potatoes are cooking cut up your green pepper and onion or whatever else you want to add and then cook it all for 5-10 minutes and add your seasoning and sauce and you’re set

View the others here:




Just add some sauce and you set boi

How to Save the World and Make it a Better Place

We could easily save the world and make it a better place for everyone. Everyone could be healthier and happier and we could have more joy and compassion.

This method doesn’t cost us anything; in fact it saves us a lot of money and it saves trillions of lives.

We could solve world hunger and diminish the leading health related diseases and illnesses.

All we have to do is switch from breeding and eating animals, to eating a plant-based diet.

But a Plant-Based Diet Will Take up More Land and Resources??

False. False. False.

The plant products are already produced, but then fed to animals so we can kill the animal and satisfy our taste buds.

What do you think these animals are eating? There are over 70,000,000,000 animals being bred at a time and they obviously eat way more than humans. We are bringing in 70,000,000,000 more mouths to and they eat wayyyy more than us.

Just the 1,500,000,000 cows we bring in to existence need 135,000,000,000 pounds of food daily.

The human population needs about 21,000,000,000 pounds of food daily.

50% of the grain and legumes we grow we feed to the animals. 90% of the soy we grow we feed to animals. (Cowspiracy)

82% of the worlds starving children live in countries where we use the land to grow food for our livestock. So they see all this food being grown but then we just give it to the animals because we can’t profit off of the poor starving children. (Cowspiracy)

We could feed every human being on the planet a healthy diet if we stopped giving all of our food to livestock and if we stopped using all of the land for grazing.

What About Protein Bro?

We could create 15x more protein sources on any given land if we grew plants for humans to eat instead of using it for animals. (Cowspiracy)


We would even have so much excess land left over that we could just let it grow back to forests.

To feed a person on a plant based vegan diet for a year requires 1/6 of an acre of land. (Cowspiracy)

Feeding a person on an average American diet that includes dairy, eggs and meat requires 18x as much land.

You can produce 37,000 pounds of plant food on 1.5 acres of land. (Cowspiracy)

But you can only produce 375 pounds of meat on 1.5 acres of land. (Cowspiracy)

-That is 10x less food just so we can kill and animal and it eat’s flesh.

Livestock covers 45% of the earths total land. (Cowspiracy)

A plant based diet requires 1/18th the amount of land. And the diet is healthier and can feed every person in the world. And it doesn’t require the immoral killing of trillions of living beings.


These billions of animals create soooo much waste. Imagine how much cleaner this planet would be without the poop of billions of animals.

Just in the U.S. alone, livestock creates 116,000 pounds of waste per second. (Cowspiracy)


Animal agriculture is responsible for up tp 91% of the Amazon Rainforest Destruction. (Cowspiracy)

1-2 acres of rainforest are destroyed every second for livestock. (Cowspiracy)

What About Farmers’ Jobs?

People say farmers will lose their jobs. But the farmers can switch from farming animals to farming plants and they will get incentives.

I don’t know about you but I would much rather grow plants rather than raping and slaughtering innocent animals.

It’s Common Sense

All of this food already exists.
All of these plants already exist.

But instead of just eating the plants ourselves, we force breed all of these animals in to existence.

So now we have almost 100,000,000,000 more mouths to feed.
And these animals eat more than us.

We put these animals in terrible living conditions and pump them with 80% of our medicine and feed them 80% of our food, just so we can eat their dead body parts.

We are forced to use huge amounts of land just so they have a place to graze.

We are forced to clear out forests so they have places to live and we need more land to grow food since they eat more than us.


And because of these actions rainforests are being cut down. Over half of the world is starving. Trillions of living beings are dying. And on and on.


I could go on and on about how damaging the consumption of dead animals is to the planet. And I could go on and on about how beneficial it will be for everyone to switch to a plant based diet.

But I think the point is clear and it is obvious which one you should choose.

I don’t expect everyone to go vegan overnight but I want you to start researching and slowly implementing the diet in to your life.

You can look at my blog for tips, advice, shopping lists, recipes, etc.

Here’s a good tip on how to start transitioning:

Facts taken from the film Cowspiracy and cowspiracy.com/facts

Solving World Hunger

We could solve world hunger and malnutrition right now if everyone stopped eating meat.

When you eat meat you are destroying acres of land, are using thousands of gallons of water, and using up resources that could have fed multiple people in need.

You can get all the nutrients you need from plants. When you eat dead animals you are just eating the food they ate.
If we could cut out the middle man we could save trillions of lives and all be healthier and happier and we could solve all world hunger and save the planet.