Why I Don’t Smoke Weed

I don’t smoke weed ’cause it make me shh-noid – 21 Savage

There are a couple of reasons why I refuse to smoke weed. I haven’t touched marijuana in years. But, I haven’t always been against it.

I used to smoke when I was younger. I enjoyed it when I was young and dumb because I had no responsibilties.

I could just get high with my friends and chill; eat some junk food and watch weird videos.

It was actually quite enjoyable back then.

But as I got older I started despising it.

The first reason is because of how lazy it made me.


I know it sounds very cliche, but I stopped smoking mostly because of how lazy it made me.

I never got anything done because I just wanted to sit around and watch movies and chill.

It also just led to very bad habits.

I would always just eat a bunch of junk food. I loved eating candy and chips when I was high.

But one bad habit led to another. Soon I would be too lazy to workout. Would be too lazy to do school work. And so on.

Using it as a Crutch

Another thing I realized is people like using it as an excuse.

“Sorry bro, I was too high”

“Idk man, I’m just high lol”

“I’m way too high for this”

Being high was an excuse for avoiding responsibility.

Instead of taking responsibility for your bad habits you just blame it on the weed.

People like to just use it as an excuse for being lazy. People don’t like knowing they are in control of their life, and that their happiness relies solely on their actions.

Instead they like to blame external forces for their problems; and being high is a great excuse for avoiding anything.

Escaping Reality

When you use it as a crutch for so long, you begin to become unsatisfied with your life.

You have been avoiding responsibility for so long that you get nothing productive done.

So then you use weed to escape reality. You don’t want to face your problems. You’d rather just get high and have an excuse for not getting anything done.

You’d rather get stoned and watch a movie and eat junk instead of finishing your homework and going to the gym.

Now you have a “valid” excuse. You’re just way too high bro.


The final reason is a factor caused by all the other reasons.

Smoking weed just makes me super paranoid and anxious now.

I haven’t done it in years, but the last few times I did, I was just super uncomfortable.

I could literally just feel it dumb down my brain.

I realized how lazy and unproductive I was being. I realized how stupid I looked and felt, and it would give me super bad anxiety.


I don’t think weed is a bad thing. It has a lot of benefits.

But just like anything, if you use it too much or you use it for the wrong things, it can have a lot of negative effects on your life.

I personally despise it and it is not for me.

If you feel the same way but aren’t able to stop, hit me up. I will give you some advice.

Stay lit.

For Those Who Don’t Want to Eat “Nuts, Seeds and Grass”

Following a vegan diet doesn’t mean just eating natural foods.

I advocate for a plant-based whole foods diet because it is the healthiest and the cheapest.

But if you don’t want to go vegan because you don’t want to just eat these “healthy foods” then there is still a very good option for you.

There are plenty of meat and dairy alternatives out there.

You can still eat the things you don’t want to give up such as:

  • Burgers
  • Wings
  • Pizza
  • “Chicken”
  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Tacos
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Eggs
  • “Jerky”
  • “Steak”
  • And on and on

There are alternatives to just about any food you can think of. The best part is it can usually be made from real food and it isn’t dead animal flesh.

These alternatives will only get better tasting, more nutritious, cheaper, more accessible and more plentiful the more the demand goes up.

Most of these alternatives already exist.

You Are Mostly Vegan Already

A lot of the food you eat is already vegan, believe it or not.

For example; let’s take a burger. Bun, lettuce, onion, mustard, tomato, ketchup, pickles, and side of fries all vegan. The one thing that is not vegan is the patty. So just switch the patty for an alternative that tastes just as good.

So, to bring the demand of these types of vegan food, more people need to eat them and less people need to eat meat.

With the depletion of meat eating; things like obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, viruses, pandemics, cruelty, etc. will go down. 

The earth will also greatly benefit.

How Can I Make the Change?

Just A Few of the Many Alternatives

Pandemic Prevention- Unpopular Opinion

The goal of a virus like this one, is to get it, build an immunity, move on and then change our ways.

Diet and Lifestyle

If you chose a comfortable life and pleasure food over your own life you can’t blame the virus.

Having a poor diet makes you more susceptible to viruses like this one. It was your choice. Your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, so your immune system is weakened, and you’re more susceptible to illnesses and less likely to fight them off.


And DO NOT blame genetics for your weight or illnesses.


People think things like diabetes and obesity and heart disease are genetic. Yes, some traits can be passed down and can ultimately hinder your ability to grow and prosper. But, MOST of the time it is not.

The Reason you have the same ailments as your parents is because you grew up eating the same food. 

The food and lifestyle caused you to be obese and acquire these illnesses. It is all a personal choice.

You could easily get rid of these ailments if you ate healthier and exercised more.

It has been proven numerous times that you can reverse these things with a healthier diet.

Diet is everything.


This virus is not uncommon; and these viruses will only get worse and worse if we keep up our ways. 

Running from the virus and wearing masks and gloves will only make it take longer to run its course.

To stop pandemics like these you just simply need to stop doing the thing that causes them.

The Cause

These deadly viruses are caused by the killing of animals. When you cram millions of animals in small places and have them sit in their feces and blood and then slaughter them and eat them; you are bound to have a virus.

If we keep up our ways, and the demand for meat gets higher and higher these viruses will only get more plentiful and more lethal.

What to Do

If you are this scared of death then you should change your lifestyle. Simple as that.

If you stopped eating so much animals these viruses wouldn’t start.

If you stopped eating animals and junk food you wouldn’t be sick and unhealthy in the first place and be susceptible to viruses like this one. Your immune system would be much healthier and able to fight off viruses like this.

If you don’t want to die, be healthier. Eat more natural foods, exercise more, and stop watching the news.

The Actual Solution

We are not fixing anything by hiding inside of our house. These viruses still exist. You can’t just run from things forever.

To stop and prevent these things we need to stop the consumption of dead animal flesh.

We need to be healthier and more active. We need more nutritious diets.

It is Common Sense. If you don’t eat dead animal flesh there won’t be a virus to begin with. If you are healthy, you won’t have to worry about dying from a virus.

Wake up people.

The Truth

We are being lied to and I can guarantee that.

This virus has a 99% survival rate and that is if you even get it.

Yes, it would be smart for people with weakened immune systems and breathing problems to take precautions.

But implementing a worldwide quarantine is a bit extreme for a virus of this level. I can guarantee something bigger will come along soon enough and this will all be forgotten.

We should not believe everything on the media. We should not be running and hiding from this virus and once it subsides go right back to “normal” life.

The Wake Up Call

This virus is simply a wake up call. We need to learn from this and change our ways. Nothing will get better if we just run and hide and wait for one person to find a cure.

We all have the ability to fix the problem if we fix ourselves. We need to become more educated on our diet and on the consequences involved with our actions.

Everyone is just scared right now. But I can see the bigger picture and I can guarantee this will blow over and some other problem will become prevalent. But just because the Coronavirus goes away does not mean we should go back to our old ways.

We all need to be healthier and we need to be educated on the consequences of our actions.