What I Have Learned From Being Alone For 10 Months

Last year I decided enough was enough. I decided to finally take control of my life and start living for myself.

I transferred to my dream school, packed up all my things, and drove 30 hours across the U.S. to start a new life.

Michigan was not for me. I was never happy. I felt completely trapped and I wanted to escape every single day of my life.

I grew up believing it was too hard living on my own. I was told to go to school close to home. I was led to believe that it is normal never leaving the place you grew up.

But, it turns out people are just scared. People would rather be comfortable, instead of living their life.

People are too scared to be judged so they refuse to follow their dreams.

But I am not like most people.

Everyone thought I was crazy for transferring schools going in to my senior year. But I didn’t care, because I was not happy where I was at.

I realized I was not excited to go back to school, I actually despised it.

Life is way too short to continue to do things that don’t make you happy.

I woke up one day and decided I was moving to Arizona and transferring to my dream school, Arizona State University.

Honestly, it was the best decision of my life by far.

I didn’t plan this move very well. I am very bad at planning things, I just go with the flow and live in the moment and do what makes me happy.

I drove 30 hours to Arizona without a place to live and school was starting back up in 2 weeks.

Luckily everything worked out; but I knew it would, because everything works in your favor if you are always doing what makes you happy.

For the past 10 months I have been living on my own in a studio apartment.

I didn’t know anyone when I moved here. It was all completely random and unplanned.

But the whole reason I came here was to start over and find myself and just start living life to the fullest.

When I got here I went hiking almost every single day. I spent all my time exploring all the beautiful places. And I did it all alone.

And it’s not like I don’t have friends. I just choose to be alone because that is when I am most happy.

Do I Ever Get Lonely?

Honestly, I absolutely love being alone. That was one of the reasons I moved so far away. I believe the ability to be happy when you are alone is a superpower.

The past 10 months I finally truly learned who I am. After spending so much time with myself I learned to truly love myself. I found all the things that make me happy, I found my life purpose, I found all of my passions, I now have peace within.

I no longer have to depend on other people or other things for happiness. I have everything I need within myself. I could be anywhere in the world, with no material possessions and I would still be extremely happy.

Happiness is not something you find out in the world. Happiness is found within. No amount of money or success can bring you true happiness if you are not first happy with yourself.

Don’t Be Scared to Make the Move

When a flower is struggling to grow you don’t fix the flower, you fix the environment it is in. You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick.

Being trapped in Michigan was the cause of my unhappiness. I was surrounded by people who were very different from me. I was not able to grow in that environment.

Moving away was the best decision of my life. I highly recommend it to everyone.

DO NOT BE SCARED TO GO ALONE. Going alone is the best possible thing you can do. You will learn so much and you will find true happiness.

It Is Possible For Everyone

I transferred to a school that costs $49,900 just for tuition and I had no money at the time. I drove 30 hours across the US with no plan. I did this all alone and with no help.

It is possible for anyone to start fresh. It is possible to do it alone.

Everything will work out if you are doing what you know is right.

Do not be scared to make the move.

I have grown so much in the past 10 months.

When I packed my things up and drove across the country I felt free for the first time in my life.

Going off on my own was the first time I ever felt alive. It felt like I finally just started living my life.