The 10 Most Attractive Traits in a Woman

Nowadays everyone is so focused on appearance and looks. Social media causes us only to show our best side.

With this comes a lot of false expectations and fake love.

That is why I never focus only on physical looks when it comes to liking a girl.

Looks play a pretty big part but there are a lot more things that cause a girl to be attractive. And without these things it doesn’t matter how pretty you are or how many Instagram followers you have.

So, here are the 10 most attractive traits in a woman. This is purely my opinion but I think a lot of people would agree.

1. Big Heart

Having a big heart and being a super kind person is so attractive. A girl who can brighten up anyone’s day and whom truly cares about others is the cutest thing in the world.

2. Open-minded

Someone who is open to new ideas and is willing to listen to my side is automatically super attractive to me.

I am very different from most people and have a lot of peculiar beliefs and thoughts and so having a woman who is willing to listen and hear my side is so attractive.

People who are shut off to new ideas and refuse to listen to any other perspective are the worst.

I’m not saying all my ideas are right and she should listen and adapt. I just simply want a woman who is willing to listen to those ideas and hear my side and give them a chance. She can then either accept it for what it is, or tell me why she thinks I’m wrong. I’m always down for a debate where we can both learn and grow.

3. Truly Understands Me

This one stems off from #2.

I need a woman who connects with me on a deeper level. Someone who understands my point of view and can relate to my experiences and beliefs.

Communication is by far the most important thing for a healthy relationship.

But communication isn’t very helpful when the people don’t actually understand each other’s side.

That is a huge problem that I always encounter. People can only understand what I’m saying from their level of thinking. Their mind simply can’t process what I’m actually trying to say and this leads to confusion and misunderstanding.

So having a woman that is able to understand from my level of thinking and actually process what I’m trying to say would be perfect.

4. Intelligence

I don’t like when girls act dumb and clueless. Yes, it can be cute. But I want someone who can properly process my level of thinking and can add on to my deep conversations and have educational debates.

I would like someone who has a lot of knowledge or is down for acquiring knowledge.

5. Good Sense of Humor

This one is pretty important and I think a lot of us can agree upon the importance of this trait.

A lot of times girls laugh just because the guy is attractive.

But I want a woman who truly finds my jokes funny and has the same fucked up sense of humor as me.

I am a SUPER sarcastic person and I make a lot of dark jokes and sarcastic remarks. So having someone who understands that I’m joking and will find it funny and even add on to the joke would be so attractive.

If a girl replies to my sarcastic/dark joke with an even darker joke or an equally sarcastic remark…she’s a keeper. So attractive.

6. Passion

By passion I mean someone who has a purpose in life and is driven. If this stems from her having a Big Heart, it’s even more attractive. If she has a passion of helping others and making the world a better place, she is a keeper.

I have a lot to accomplish in my life; so having a woman with similar passions and desire for a fulfilling life, is very important.

I need someone who will push me and keep me on track.

I want her to be independent and have her own goals.

A relationship where you depend on each other for happiness and anything else is a no-no.

You should not be entirely responsible for your partners happiness, success, etc.

You should both be happy with yourselves and have your own goals and come together and share that and build each other up.

When someone has to make sacrifices and compensate, that is where the trouble starts in relationships.

Yes, you will have to make some sacrifices here and there, but it should not be the foundation of your relationship.

7. Emotional Intelligence

A woman who can handle her emotions well and doesn’t project her pain and hurt on others, and blame others, is very attractive.

I am not saying a woman can’t show her emotions and have her moments. That is perfectly fine.

But everyone needs to be able to take responsibility for their emotions and be able to control them to a degree.

Always blaming other people or blaming your partner will cause so many problems. Of course it has to go both ways. I have pretty good control over my emotions and I’m am good at finding the root of the problem and figuring out why I reacted the way I did. So having a girl who can do the same would be so attractive.

A lot of emotional responses come from personal insecurities. People get offended and so try to tear others down to their level to make them feel better about themselves.

If a girl gets offended, a lot of times she is quick to respond negatively and point out a flaw in her partner.

So having a girl who can control that and is able to find where her emotional response stems from is awesome. Even better is she takes the time to work on it and openly talks about it so we can find a solution or come to a mutual understanding.

8. Is Comfortable Giving Me Space When I Need It

This kind of stems from insecurity as well. This one has a lot to do with trust and understanding.

If a girl can’t allow me to go to the gym or go to the grocery store without getting jealous, then there is a problem.

I get jealous too, but it’s not good to be that controlling or obsessive. A lot of that stems from insecurity and lack of honest communication.

But, I am an introvert and there is days where I just need some alone time to regroup.

A girl who is okay with this and understands and doesn’t make assumptions, would be amazing.

A girl who doesn’t take it personally and thinks she did something wrong. A girl who just gets it and allows me to do my thing and is perfectly fine with it. That’s the shit I like.

I know that my actions play a huge role. Obviously if I break her trust or give her reasons to doubt me, that is purely my fault.

But if my words and actions prove that I am loyal, then I would like a girl who understands and accepts that and trusts me.

9. Natural Beauty/Super Cute

I tried staying away from physical traits because we can’t control what we look like physically. I mean there is some things we can alter and our health and lifestyle plays a role. But there’s a lot of attributes we can’t control.

But what we can control is our personality and how we treat others. So those traits are way more important.

But, at the end of the day, you should still be attracted to your partner both physically and mentally/emotionally.

With that being said, what I find most attractive is natural beauty. A girl who is cute af with no makeup. A girl who is super comfortable with her natural look.

I dislike make-up. I don’t want to be with someone who feels the need to put make up on just to go out in public.

I want a girl who is comfortable looking like a scrub. Cute messy hair; just doesn’t really care what others think.

That shits hot.

10. Beautiful Smile

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a beautiful smile.

I’m always teasing and making jokes and so a girl with a beautiful smile is perfect.

A nice, natural genuine, heartfelt smile makes me feel some type of way. Some nice white teeth to add on to that, it’s just perfect.


Personality is everything for me. A girl with a big heart, open mind and good sense of humor is my shit.

This isn’t a conclusive list. It’s not like a girl has to meet all my expectations for me to like her. But she has to be able to have the capacity to change and open her mind for me to click with her and want to be with her long term.

This list isn’t here to make girls upset and feel bad for not meeting even more of society’s standards and expectations.

A lot of these things are aspects that one can change and work on. Everyone has the capacity to be kind, and educated and open-minded.

These are just my personal favorite traits, but I think a lot of people can relate.

So, if you exhibit these traits…what’s up, I’m Erick.