Why I Hate Thanksgiving

The way we are taught about Thanksgiving in school and, just in general, is super f*cked up in my opinion. Like most of American history, the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans is super whitewashed.

As white Americans we see Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate the things we are thankful for, and it is a day to spend time with family and friends and feast on food.

We are led to believe that on this day, hundreds of years ago, a friendly little celebration occurred between the settlers and the native people. This was a ceremony to celebrate the first successful harvest of food for the pilgrims which was taught by the native people.

This part of the story is true. But what is untrue is the fact that it was a friendly event.

The Story

Around 1620 English dissenters supposedly gathered in present day Massachusetts in what they called Plymouth Colony and had a celebration with the Wampanoag Tribe who were natives there.

The settlers were struggling ever since landing in America, and the Wampanoags taught these Pilgrims how to survive in this new and unfamiliar land by teaching them to farm.

After their first successful harvest, they had a three-day celebration in which they feasted on all the food they had grown. Along with animals such as turkey, geese, deer, etc. (This is not a fact and I could be wrong)

This sounds all fine and dandy. But of course, a lot of details were left out.

Even though it could be true that the settlers and natives got along for at least a little while and taught each other useful things; things got nasty soon after.

White people being white people, got greedy and wanted this land that they “discovered” to themselves. They took what they learned from the Natives and most likely decided they didn’t need their help anymore.

Soon after this little ceremony, the killings began. I could do more research on what actually went down but honestly it doesn’t matter. Either way, the things the Pilgrims did to the Native people is super messed up.

Raids, abductions, slaughters and pillaging started going down.

Native women were abducted and raped. Native men were murdered and scalped.

Eventually the Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe was murdered and that was when sh*t really hit the fan.

The English settlers supposedly cut off the Chief’s head and placed it on a spike in the ground.

This is also around the time where the Pilgrims forcibly exiled the Natives from their homeland. By this time, about 30% of the Native American population was already murdered.

A large amount dying from a disease brought over by the English settlers. And which I believe was a very intentional sabotage.

So not only did the English settlers murder most of the Native population. But they also made them get up and move across the country and leave their home and community behind, ultimately causing a lot more deaths.

I f*cking hate white people and I am as white as they come.

The Genius and Noble Christopher Columbus

I think the thing that pisses me off the most, is the fact that so many people still believe that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America.

He was aiming for India and just accidentally stumbled upon this continent.

And people still have the nerve to call Native Americans “Indians” and it’s all due to the fact that Columbus thought he was in India, which he was aiming for, but was instead in America, which he so heroically ‘discovered’. (that was sarcasm for those who can’t comprehend)

And then the good ole white people claimed it for themselves like we do with everything.

The English settlers really had the nerve to claim to discover America and then go rape, scalp, kill, intentionally infect, and exile the Native Americans.

And then we have a whole ass day to celebrate this wrongdoing.

In my opinion that is the equivalent to invading Mexico; killing the men, scalping them, raping and killing the women, killing the children, and forcing everyone else to hike or swim to South America.

And then stealing their culture and having the nerves to call Taco Bell and Chipotle authentic Mexican food and then having a whole holiday to celebrate all the anguish we caused.

Also, I hate having to say “we” when talking about white Americans. Although I am white, I do not claim my race.

It sucks because I know how privileged I am being a white male in America, and I have the freedom to say and do whatever I want. But it sucks having to be grouped with all these big ego, small d*ck energy, white males.

But anyways, I have about two more main topics about why I hate Thanksgiving.

The Treatment of Native Americans

Another thing that p*sses me off is still how oppressed Native Americans are. Still, to this day, Natives are treated like sh*t.

We think just because we have holidays, reservations, casinos, etc. that we automatically just squashed the beef caused by the wrongful murder and uprooting of an entire civilization.

But this is not the case.

This makes Thanksgiving an even bigger punch in the face to the Native Americans. Because the privileged white people end up making this holiday all about themselves and all they care about is having the day off of work and filling their faces with food until they are in a food coma and preparing to buy a bunch of needless sh*t on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This holiday is supposed to be about gratitude and community and friendship. But the white people turned it in to just another day full of greed and physical pleasure.


The last thing I want to talk about is the good ole Thanksgiving tradition of farming and murdering millions of turkeys.

Because what better way of celebrating a holiday of wrongful murder by committing millions more wrongful murders 🙂

F*ck yeah, America!

Oh no here he goes again bringing up his stupid crazy vegan agenda.

Just let me show you a picture of a turkey farm.

Millions upon millions of turkeys are artificially inseminated and bred. Just so we can slaughter them and consume their flesh to celebrate the slaughter of Native Americans.