Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable

“I could never give up meat because it tastes too good”

“I would die without cheese”

One of the biggest arguments against veganism is people say they can’t give up animal products because they taste too good. 

Therefore, you are favoring your tastebuds over a living being. 

You are saying it is justifiable to allow the torture, mutilation and murder of a living being for your own sensory pleasure. 

Sensory Pleasure is Not Justifiable

Let’s apply this logic to other examples and see if it is justifiable:

-If someone steals from someone because they enjoy it. It gives them sensory pleasure; is it justifiable?

-If someone commits rape because they enjoy the sensory pleasure of sex; is that justifiable?

Just because you receive sensory pleasure from something doesn’t make it right. 

Therefore, supporting the torture, mutilation and wrongful killing of animals, because you enjoy the taste of their dead flesh, is not justifiable. 

Why It is Inhumane

Eating and killing animals is unnecessary. 

It is destroying our health and it is destroying the planet. 

It is healthier to not eat animals. 

There is no humane way to kill something that does not want to be killed. 

95% of meat comes from factory farms. 

Animals live under horrible conditions in factory farms and are killed prematurely. 

Therefore, eating them is inhumane. 

Moving Forward

Start cutting back on animal products today. 

People say they could never go vegan. This is because they are unaware of all the amazing options.

People always ask, “what do you even eat?”

To answer that, I will reply with what I don’t eat. It is just two things. Dead animals and their secretions.

Everything else out there is “vegan.”

There are endless options.

For every food you enjoy, there is a healthier vegan option of it.

As demand goes up, more and more delicious products will be released.

Speciesism Vs Racism

With this whole George Floyd thing, the huge divide amongst us becomes very apparent.

I believe racism and speciesism stem from the same source.

Speciesism is the assumption of human superiority over other animals. We think we are superior, so this is what makes it seem justifiable to torture and murder other living beings for our own sensory pleasure.

I think when one is a speciesist it can contribute to one being racist. This is a huge claim and I am not saying there is a direct correlation. I am just saying there can be some cause and effect.

If one feels he is superior over other living beings it would make sense he would feel superior to other humans beings as well.

It is hard to spread peace and love when we are murdering billions of animals for our own pleasure.

I don’t think much progress can be made with human rights when we treat other living beings so poorly.

“Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Cognitive Dissonance

One thing I have noticed while advocating for veganism is the amount of cognitive dissonance in the world.

Cognitive dissonance is when you have beliefs that contradict each other.

For example, people claim to be animal lovers. They love their cats and dogs. But then they go and eat the flesh of other animals. They think it is normal to have one animal as a pet and then pay for the torture and murder of other animals.

Or; people claim to want peace and equal rights. But then claim to be superior over all other living things. You cannot have peace when you are wrongfully killing billions of living things only for the sake of pleasure.


There is obviously a huge disconnect. People don’t understand how wrong it is to be consuming all these animal products.

Just because we have always done something doesn’t make it right.

Following a plant-based vegan diet is the best possible lifestyle change you can make for yourself and for the world.

There is a lot of other food out there that tastes amazing. This food is better for your health and the health of the planet and it doesn’t require innocent animals to be murdered.

Making The Switch

I don’t expect everyone to turn vegan overnight.

Just start cutting back on meat. Switch to plant based milks.

Watch some documentaries or YouTube videos on veganism.

Documentaries: Cowspiracy, What the Health, The Game Changers, Earthlings, etc

YouTubers: Earthling Ed. This post was actually inspired by his latest YouTube Video.

Please do your best. That is all I am asking.

I do not believe you are a bad person for eating meat. I ate meat for 21 years of my life.

I just simply want to help you, help the planet and help the animals.

Thank you.