Law Of Attraction-Acorn Example

Recently I read a book by Bob Proctor called You Were Born Rich. It’s a very good book that talks about how when we are born our minds are a clean slate. We have a direct connection with the universe. 

But over time through traumas and certain conditioning we tend to lose that connection.  We tend to believe we aren’t worthy of rich and successful lives. We tend to get distracted by the material/physical world. 

But anyways, in this book he talks about the Law of Attraction. If you don’t know this term by now you should look it up because it truly does dictate your whole life. I will also be making more posts about this universal law in the future. 

But in this post I just wanted to elaborate on his example of the Law of Attraction in nature. In this example he talks about an acorn. 

The Acorn Example

What’s weird is I’ve always been very intrigued by the idea that a tiny little acorn can turn into a huge oak tree. It never really made sense to me how such a tiny thing can just turn in to a much bigger thing out of nowhere. 

An acorn basically has a predetermined pattern programmed in to it. Once the acorn is in the dirt it begins to attract everything it needs to grow in to a oak tree. 

The acorn is set to a certain vibration/frequency of growing. It’s programmed to become an oak tree. Therefore it attracts everything it needs to grow; such as water, sunlight, nutrients, minerals, etc.

The acorn is always what it will become. It just needs time to grow. And it will attract everything that it needs to grow in to an oak tree. 

The acorn also repels all of the energy that is not tuned in to its vibration of growing. 

The same goes for humans. If you can learn how the Law of Attraction works you can manifest anything you want. The goal is to be in the frequency of what you’re seeking. 

Everything in the world is energy. Everything operates at a certain frequency. It’s basically like a radio where each frequency is a different station that has different information. If you want something in your life such as more money, a better job, a new vehicle, etc. you need to act as if you already have it. You need to be tuned in to the frequency of what you want. 

If you only focus on the things in which you lack, you will  begin to attract more of the things that you lack. If you lack money and you’re always thinking about how you are broke, you are operating on a frequency of poorness and you will only attract things that will make you feel poor. More bills will appear, you’ll get a flat tire or something that makes you spend more money and become even poorer. 

The goal of this human life is to raise your vibration as high as possible. So to do this you need to be consuming things with a high vibration.

I will get in to this more in a later blog post. 

I just thought this was a very interesting example and it helps us understand the Law of Attraction a bit more. 

My View On Supplements-Do I Take Them?

As you all probably know I follow a plant-based whole foods diet.

When I first started it I had so much energy and felt so amazing. But I didn’t know a lot about diet and I was mostly just eating the same foods every day.

I didn’t know about all of the wonderful plant-based food out there that is full of nutrients.

After a couple months I started losing some of that energy and was very tired at times.

I decided to download Cronometer to check if I was getting the proper nutrition I needed.

It turned out I was lacking things such as B12, Selenium, Iron, Zinc and Omega-3s.

I simply just wasn’t eating enough of the food with these nutrients because I never really looked in to a balanced diet.

I just focused on macronutrients and calories and that was it.

So I started doing some research and implemented foods high in those nutrients in to my diet.

My energy levels were back and I felt even better then when I started the diet.

But nowadays I am super busy with school, work, my blog, writing my books, taking care of my dog and so on.

So now I don’t eat that much food so it is hard to get a balanced and nutritious diet.

So now I take Complement supplements.

Complement is a very good brand and their supplements are full of all the nutrients that the majority of the population lacks in their diet.

It is a very clean supplement and I honestly see amazing results when I use it.

Now, supplements are not needed to have a healthy diet. Especially a plant-based diet.

I only take them when I don’t have enough time to eat 3 meals a day.

Nowadays I only eat 1, maybe 2 meals a day so I take a supplement to get those nutrients I am lacking.

If you don’t want to take supplements and you want to follow a plant-based diet, that is very possible.

The 5 most common nutrient deficiencies on a plant-based diet are zinc, iron, B12, omega-3s and Vitamin D.

Good sources of Zinc are beans, legumes and grains


Good sources of Iron are green vegetables, grains, lentils, dried fruit, seeds and nuts

Good sources of Vitamin D are the sun lol. But to better absorb this vitamin make sure you have enough calcium in your diet


Good sources of Omega 3s are chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and hemp-seeds. I just add chia to my oatmeal and smoothies.

B12 is the tricky one. B12 is harder to get because it used to come from the dirt of vegetables and it used to be in the water. But now with pesticides and fertilizers and fluoride and chlorine in out water it is harder to get.

Just about everyone should supplement B12. It is possible to get it from nutritional yeast and some types of fortified milk; but you are better off just taking a supplement.

This is one successful argument for non-vegans but what a lot of people don’t know is cows are supplemented with B12, and animals don’t produce B12. It is found in bacteria and in manure, and sense animals are exposed to manure they sometimes absorb it.

So everyone should be supplementing B12, even those who eat meat.

  • So to sum it up, yes I take supplements but only because I don’t eat a lot of food nowadays.
  • No matter what diet you follow you should be taking B12 supplements.
  • If you feel like your diet isn’t super balanced then head on over to or download their app in the App Store

If you would like to try Complement supplements head on over to

11 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

*Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.*

1) Cold Showers

            -They are better for your skin and hair.

            -Amazing way to boost your energy and help you wake up in the morning.

            -It will help you create a habit of doing things that are good for you, but you aren’t willing to do.

            -Can actually lead to weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

2) Meditation

            –Meditation for Beginners

            -Meditation benefits:

  • Reduced stress
    • Happier
    • Control anxiety and depression
    • More calm
    • Better Sleep
    • And many more!

3) Reading

            –MY Book recommendations

            -Knowledge is power

            -Better Sleep

            -Better Memory

            -Smarter overall

            -Here are some of my favorite books:

4) Eating Healthier

            -I think this one is just obvious lol

5) Exercise

-Stretching/Yoga is an amazing exercise for you to do whilst in quarantine

You can easily do some simple at home workouts such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planks, etc.

Exercise Benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Feel better
  • More energy
  • More motivation
  • Happier
  • And many more!

6) No Fap

            -Refraining from masturbation has so many benefits. Click here to find out why I do not masturbate.

7) Spending time outdoors

            -Take a walk outside at least once a day. No cell phone. Just enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Reduced Stress
  • Happiness
  • Sympathy
  • And many more!

8) Journal/Write down things you are grateful for

            -Journaling is something I got in to recently and it is honestly so beneficial. It is so much easier to manifest things when you write them down.

            -Write down all your passions.

            -Write down things that make you happy.

            -Plan out your day and your life.

            -At the end of the day you should write down all the things you are grateful for.

9) Refrain from Drinking Alcohol

            -There are so many negative effects of alcohol; I’m not even going to bother listing them all because it’s pretty obvious.

            -I think one of the worst ones is it promotes bad behavior and bad eating habits. You give no fucks when you’re drunk and this has very negative long term effects on you.

-You wake up the next day feeling like shit. So now you’ve wasted two days instead of one. You created a habit of bad behaviors and you’re unhappy so to escape the unhappiness you get drunk again and blame your faults on the alcohol.

10) Spend Less time on Social Media

            -Social media is very toxic unless you use it in the right way which most people do not.

Social media is full of fake people living fake lives. It is terrible for your self-esteem. Stop scrolling and comparing your life to others.

            Instead, go do something more useful with your time rather than scrolling mindlessly and feeling bad about your life.

11) Stop watching the News

            -The news is full of negativity and is used to indict fear. Once they make you fearful they lower your vibration and control you. You will never get anything useful from the news. Most of it is bullshit.

-If you just focus on yourself and work on improving your life, none of that shit in the news matters. Worry about your own life and your own happiness.

No Nut-Why I do not Masturbate

Your nut is YOUR energy. You shouldn’t be giving your energy to other people. You shouldn’t be jerking off to random people on a screen having sex. It is your energy.

When you achieve something, you get a dose of dopamine. And for men our two instincts are to survive and procreate.

Since our goal is to survive and procreate; we are very attracted to the idea of having sex with women and this act releases a lot of dopamine. 

But when we just watch porn and masturbate we get that release of dopamine and it just seems so achievable and we trick our brain into thinking that something this ecstatic is very easy to achieve. 

So soon our brain is tricked in to thinking that very fulfilling things are very easy to achieve. 

This leads us to believe that we have to use no effort to achieve things. This causes us to be lazy and take shortcuts. 

So, when you undergo no fap, you train your brain to see that these things are not easily obtainable and we actually have to work for fulfilling things. And this makes you have more energy and motivation to achieve these things.  

 Your nut is your energy. You shouldn’t be releasing it everyday. It contains who you are, it contains your self-image and your confidence. You shouldn’t be releasing all of this energy into a random sock.

You should be keeping it within you. Letting it build up. Using it for good.

“Why would I give up masturbation when it feels good?”

Those couple minutes of pleasure aren’t worth giving away all of your energy and causing negative effects in your life.

I think we are all aware of post-nut syndrome. Once you bust that nut you just lay there, contemplating your actions.

More Benefits of No Fap

You also just have a clearer mind and so much more energy and motivation when you refrain from masturbation.

You can focus on important things and have enough energy to achieve those things. All it takes is to refrain from those couple minutes of pleasure.


There are many negative side effects to watching porn. 

You will have unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex.

This will lead you to being unsatisfied.

And the more porn you watch the more it takes you to reach that satisfaction. 

Things will only get worse and worse and this will lead to unhappiness.

It also leads to the objectification of women. You will just see women as sex objects. This will lead to failed relationships which will lead to further unhappiness.