The Link Between Racism and Eating Animals

Our cognitive dissonance towards other races stems from our inability to see the hypocrisy involved with our views of animals. 

We see some animals as pets but others as food. 

Humans are just advanced animals but we choose to torture, mutilate and murder billions of living things just to please our taste buds for a couple minutes. 

Eating the flesh of dead animals and their secretions is not necessary and it is the root of many of the problems we face as a society. 

The consumption of animal products is destroying our health and the health of the planet. 

The leading diseases and illnesses can be traced back to the consumption of processed foods and animal products. 

Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of deforestation. 

I could go on and on about all of the negative consequences involved with the consumption of animals but the more important problem at hand is our mistreatment of animals can be linked to our mistreatment of other humans. 


I believe the biggest problem we face is the lack of education. 

A lack of education causes the continued mistreatment of POC. A lack of education also causes the continued mistreatment of animals. 

POC are seen as inferior to white people; animals are seen as inferior to humans. 

But if people knew what POC go through and if everyone knew what farmed animals go through, then everyone would be treated as equals. 

The lack of education allows the continued mistreatment of animals. When we view ourselves as superior to other living beings this can branch out to us feeling superior to other humans. 

Cognitive dissonance is very prevalent throughout society. People claim to love animals but then they support the horrid mistreatment of 99% of animals. 

People claim to want peace, but support the horrible actions that are causing most of the problems in the world. 

We will not have peace as long as we are supporting the mistreatment of other living beings for the sake of pleasuring our taste buds. 


Claiming that “All Lives Matter,” and then discriminating against POC is the same as claiming to be an animal lover but then consuming dead animal flesh.

We all claim to want world peace but I can guarantee it will not happen as long as we continue eating these vast amounts of dead animal flesh.

We are allowing the torture and murder of billions of innocent, loving animals, just so we can please our taste buds and destroy our health and the health of the planet.

Please start eating less animal products. If you truly care about peace and you want the world to be a better place it all starts with what is on your plate.

Pandemic Prevention- Unpopular Opinion

The goal of a virus like this one, is to get it, build an immunity, move on and then change our ways.

Diet and Lifestyle

If you chose a comfortable life and pleasure food over your own life you can’t blame the virus.

Having a poor diet makes you more susceptible to viruses like this one. It was your choice. Your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, so your immune system is weakened, and you’re more susceptible to illnesses and less likely to fight them off.


And DO NOT blame genetics for your weight or illnesses.


People think things like diabetes and obesity and heart disease are genetic. Yes, some traits can be passed down and can ultimately hinder your ability to grow and prosper. But, MOST of the time it is not.

The Reason you have the same ailments as your parents is because you grew up eating the same food. 

The food and lifestyle caused you to be obese and acquire these illnesses. It is all a personal choice.

You could easily get rid of these ailments if you ate healthier and exercised more.

It has been proven numerous times that you can reverse these things with a healthier diet.

Diet is everything.


This virus is not uncommon; and these viruses will only get worse and worse if we keep up our ways. 

Running from the virus and wearing masks and gloves will only make it take longer to run its course.

To stop pandemics like these you just simply need to stop doing the thing that causes them.

The Cause

These deadly viruses are caused by the killing of animals. When you cram millions of animals in small places and have them sit in their feces and blood and then slaughter them and eat them; you are bound to have a virus.

If we keep up our ways, and the demand for meat gets higher and higher these viruses will only get more plentiful and more lethal.

What to Do

If you are this scared of death then you should change your lifestyle. Simple as that.

If you stopped eating so much animals these viruses wouldn’t start.

If you stopped eating animals and junk food you wouldn’t be sick and unhealthy in the first place and be susceptible to viruses like this one. Your immune system would be much healthier and able to fight off viruses like this.

If you don’t want to die, be healthier. Eat more natural foods, exercise more, and stop watching the news.

The Actual Solution

We are not fixing anything by hiding inside of our house. These viruses still exist. You can’t just run from things forever.

To stop and prevent these things we need to stop the consumption of dead animal flesh.

We need to be healthier and more active. We need more nutritious diets.

It is Common Sense. If you don’t eat dead animal flesh there won’t be a virus to begin with. If you are healthy, you won’t have to worry about dying from a virus.

Wake up people.

The Truth

We are being lied to and I can guarantee that.

This virus has a 99% survival rate and that is if you even get it.

Yes, it would be smart for people with weakened immune systems and breathing problems to take precautions.

But implementing a worldwide quarantine is a bit extreme for a virus of this level. I can guarantee something bigger will come along soon enough and this will all be forgotten.

We should not believe everything on the media. We should not be running and hiding from this virus and once it subsides go right back to “normal” life.

The Wake Up Call

This virus is simply a wake up call. We need to learn from this and change our ways. Nothing will get better if we just run and hide and wait for one person to find a cure.

We all have the ability to fix the problem if we fix ourselves. We need to become more educated on our diet and on the consequences involved with our actions.

Everyone is just scared right now. But I can see the bigger picture and I can guarantee this will blow over and some other problem will become prevalent. But just because the Coronavirus goes away does not mean we should go back to our old ways.

We all need to be healthier and we need to be educated on the consequences of our actions.