11 Fast and Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Life Today

Most people don’t even know what they are striving for. They don’t even have true goals. They say they want to be happy but they have no set plan to achieve that happiness. So they are just blindly searching for something that doesn’t exist.

Reaching your full potential and living the life you have always dreamed of is all about the little things.

It is the little things that will change your life. You have to be persistent.

Here are 11 ways in which you can instantly improve your life today:

Drink More Water

Water makes up the majority of our body and it is vital for a properly functioning system.

Most people do not drink enough water.

Drinking enough water will make you feel so much better and it will give you a ton of energy.

Ever since I have started drinking a gallon of water a day my energy levels are through the roof and I just feel way healthier and my head feels so clear.


Any exercise is better than no exercise at all. You don’t need to exercise for an hour to get a complete workout in. A 15 minute workout is perfectly fine.

I start the morning off with a basic stretching routine. Then around midday I get in a 15 minute workout of squats, pushups, sit-ups and lunges. Then before bed I stretch again.

I don’t think I have to get in to the importance and all of the benefits of exercising. Make sure you are stretching as well.

Take a Cold Shower

I know cold showers seem dreadful but they are truly life changing.

The main reason to take a cold shower is to increase your willpower.

Taking a cold shower will make it easier to do the things you dread doing. If you can get yourself to take a cold shower than you can get yourself to do anything. It wil improve every area of your life.

Cold showers also give you so much energy and are very efficient at waking you up.

I start with warm water and slowly turn it colder and colder until it is as cold as it gets. Your body slowly gets used to it.

Try it today.

Eat More Natural Food

Food is our body’s energy source. Our body needs certain nutrients to function properly.

A lot of the food today is very processed and artificial. There is not much nutrition involved.

These artificial foods can cause you to be super lazy and unmotivated. They are just very unhealthy overall.

To get your energy levels up and help clear your head eat some more natural food today.

Fruit is so underrated. Fruit is my favorite food in the world.

Just do your best to stay away from processed food.

Eat more fruits, veggies, beans, grains, rice, etc.

Refrain From Masturbation

When you achieve something, you get a dose of dopamine. And for men our two instincts are to survive and procreate.

Since our goal is to survive and procreate; we are very attracted to the idea of having sex with women and this act releases a lot of dopamine. 

But when we just watch porn and masturbate we get that release of dopamine and it just seems so achievable and we trick our brain into thinking that something this ecstatic is very easy to achieve. 

So soon our brain is tricked in to thinking that very fulfilling things are very easy to achieve. 

This leads us to believe that we have to use no effort to achieve things. This causes us to be lazy and take shortcuts. 

So, when you undergo no fap, you train your brain to see that these things are not easily obtainable and we actually have to work for fulfilling things. And this makes you have more energy and motivation to achieve these things.  

Show Gratitude

If you want more things in your life that make you happy then you must focus on the things that already make you happy.

You attract what you think about.

If you are always focusing on what you don’t yet have then you are thinking about Lack. When you think about Lack you attract more Lack.

When you focus on what you are grateful to have, you attract more things to be grateful for. This is how the universe works.

So everyday you should write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. (Your house, your vehicle, your clothes, the food you ate, your bed, etc.)

Focus on what you do have and you will attract more things. It truly is that simple.

Write Down Goals and Passions

One thing that has really changed my life is writing stuff down.

When you only have a thought or an idea of something in your head, it doesn’t exist. It is just a thought.

If you think “I want to be successful,” that is just an incomplete thought.

To make it come true you need to write it down. You need to make it a physical object.

Once it is real and exists in the physical world it can be manifested.

Most people don’t even know what they are striving for. They don’t even have true goals. They say they want to be happy but they have no set plan to achieve that happiness. So they are just blindly searching for something that doesn’t exist.

To be successful you need to have a plan.

So take some time today to write out your goals.

You should also take out a piece of paper and pencil and write “Passions” at the top. List all of the things you are passionate about. That will help you find and reach your goals.


The word meditate has such a negative connotation around it. All meditation is, is becoming aware of your breath and living in the moment. Anyone can do it at anytime.

Here is simple guide for meditation for beginners.

To meditate, just find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lay down. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Listen to your breath. Focus on the breath. Feel your stomach moving up and down.

When you focus on the breath you are no longer in your head being controlled by your thoughts.

The more you meditate the more you have control over your mind. Soon enough you can have complete control of your thoughts and your mind and you will be able to control your whole life.

Spend Time In Nature

Take a walk in nature. Stay off your cellphone and just enjoy the moment.

Listen to the birds, smell the fresh air, observe all of the beauty.

Spending time in nature really helps calm you down and reconnect you with the universe.

Read A Book

Just read one chapter. Just 3 minutes of reading a day can completely change your life.

There are so many benefits involved with reading.

A huge benefit is it really helps you get a good nights sleep. Spend 10 minutes reading before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone and I bet you will get the best sleep you’ve had in a very long time.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Along with reading befoe bed there is 3 other ways in which to get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Meditate before bed. Take some time to focus on the breath. You can also take this time to reflect on your day. Think about what you did right and what you did wrong. Think about what you are grateful for.
  2. Stay off your phone/computer and don’t watch television before bed. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times before but electronics really hinder your ability to get a good nights sleep. So try reading, meditating, stretching or journaling before bed instead of on your phone/laptop/TV. It really helps, trust me.
  3. The last thing is do not eat before bed. Try not eating at least 1 hour before bed. 2-3 hours would be ideal. A lot of people don’t know this but our digestive system takes up about 80% of your body’s energy. So when you eat before bed, your digestive system is taking up all of your body’s energy; this can actually cause you to feel more tired when you wake up. The goal is to reclaim your energy whilst sleeping, not use it up. So try not to eat before bed. You will wake up feeling so refreshed and energized.

My Best Advice On How To Lose Weight

I am one of those naturally skinny kids with a very high metabolism that loses weight by eating. I struggle so hard to gain weight. I’ve never set out to try to lose weight but I’ve become a pro at it on accident.

The Biggest Misconception

People seem to believe that in order to be fit and skinny you need to exercise a lot. This is not true. Diet is definitely the biggest aspect by far.

Diet is everything when it comes to life.


You shouldn’t be relying on all these whacky different diets such as the Keto diet.

All that matters when it comes to losing weight is that you are finishing the day with a calorie deficit.

I recommend having about a 500 calorie deficit. But everyone is different.

You should be tracking your calories everyday. I recommend using Cronometer but any calorie tracking app will do.

Food-wise you should be focusing on natural and nutrient dense food.

Do your best to steer away from processed foods. No fast food. No food that comes in packages that you microwave. No junk food such as chips, cookies, etc.

Focus on low calorie foods such as fruit and veggies. Things like watermelon and cucumbers are very low in calories and they have a high percentage water content so you will get full faster.

Fiber is a lot more important than protein. So focus on more plant based foods.

Also, stay away from milk and dairy. Here’s a good picture explaining why:


Water is so important. Almost 70% of your body is composed of water. It such an important aspect of health yet so many people don’t drink enough water.

When trying to lose weight you can easily fight hunger and cravings by just drinking water.

Almost 75% of the time you feel hungry you are actually just thirsty. So whenever you feel hunger just drink a glass of water and I promise you’ll feel a lot better.

I recommend always carrying water on you so you are more likely to drink it.

I recommend a bottle with a straw because in my experience it is easier to drink more water like this. I can chug a huge bottle of water when it is through a straw and it’s much easier than chugging it straight up.

Whatever you do, stay away from sugary drinks. DO NOT DRINK SODA. Don’t even drink juice. You should always choose water.

How to Exercise More

~My greatest advice is don’t look at exercise as something you HAVE to do. Make it something you WANT to do~

Nobody likes being told what to do. Nobody likes doing things they don’t feel like doing.

Don’t look at exercise as something you have to force yourself to do.

Make Exercising Fun

Find an activity that you enjoy doing and get your exercise that way. For example I take my dog on 5-10 walks a day. I get in about 20,000 steps a day just doing that. And both my dog and I enjoy it very much. Nothing better than exercise and spending time in nature.

So go for more walks outside.

Play a sport that you enjoy regularly.

If you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos or spend a lot of time on social media; do it while walking on a treadmill.

Write Down Your Goals!

I cannot stress how important it is to write down your goals.

When it is just a thought in your mind it doesn’t exist. But when you physically write it down it exists; so now it can happen.

Do not just say you want to “lose weight.” If your only goal is to lose weight that either you will lose 1 pound and your goal is over so now there is nothing pushing you. Or you will lose a certain amount of weight but will never be satisfied because your goal wasn’t specific.

To reach your goal write down your ideal weight. Find an old picture of oyurself. Or find a picture of your ideal body. Print it out; hang it on your wall. Tape it in a journal and look at it everyday. Make it your phone background. Whatever it takes.

Always keep that ideal weight and body in mind. Make that your goal. Once it is a physical goal it makes it so much easier to reach.


There is so much different information out there about losing weight. It can be very overwhelming and confusing.

The most important thing is making sure you have a calorie deficit. You should have about -500 calories by the end of the day. This does not mean you need to starve yourself. Just eat more natural food.

Drink more water!

Don’t despise having to exercise. Make it fun. Enjoy what you do.

And make sure to write down your goals! Have a clear goal and ideal weight you’d like to reach.

Also, don’t stress about it. Love yourself for who you are. Be grateful for everything you have.

Have fun with the process. Celebrate your achievements. Always live in the moment and make the most of it.