I Am Someone Who Does Not Hear A Voice In Their Head

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There was a viral tweet that went around about a year ago stating that some people have an internal narrative while others do not. 

I didn’t really look in to it at the time, but after a little research I believe I am someone who falls under the category of not having an internal narrative. 

From my understanding there are people who actually can ‘hear’ the voice in their head. And then there are people who cannot hear that voice. 

When I think and when I talk to myself in my head I do not ‘hear’ a voice. I more-so intuitively hear/see a voice. 

It is very hard to explain, especially to someone who does hear their voice. 

But I also believe I have aphantasia. You can read about my experience with aphantasia here. 

Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images in ones mind. 

And I am wondering if these two things go hand in hand, or if I am just that unique and just so happen to not have an internal narrative as well as possessing the inability to create mental images. 

If I had to pinpoint a certain moment of my life when these things could have happened it could have been a moment years ago when I ‘woke up’ spiritually. 

You can read about my awakening moment here.