Drugs and Alcohol

People aren’t addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are addicted to escaping reality. When you are unhappy with your current position in life you want to escape it and the easiest way to do it is with drugs/alcohol/watching television/sitting on your phone.

Using these things to escape will never fix the problem, it will keep making it worse the more you push it away. It’s time to face your problems head on.

Take 20 minutes to just sit and silence and deal with everything that’s going on in your head. Get rid of all distractions. Put your phone away, turn off the tv, pause your music and just sit there.

A lot of people are unhappy because they are not pursuing their passions. If your job doesn’t make you happy and you’re only doing it for the money, then today is the day to change jobs.

When you work at a job you don’t like just for the money you’ll be doing things you don’t enjoy doing in order to live a life full of doing things you don’t like doing.

It just doesn’t make sense. You might as well pursue your passion and not give af about the money and chase a life that actually makes you happy.

It’s better to have a short life full of happiness and doing things you enjoy. Rather than a long life of doing things you hate and never amounting to anything.

If you find your true passion and stick to it and dedicate your life to it you’ll become a master of it and the money will eventually start flowing in. And you’ll be making way more money doing something you truly enjoy and it will make your life worth living.

We are not born to pay bills and die.

Think about it: the standard human life consists of spending the best years of our lives bored out of our minds in school only to prepare us for a job we will most likely hate, and then retire at 60 when we’re too old and tired to do the things we would have actually wanted to do.

Growing Up in A Small Town/Not Leaving

     When you live somewhere like Menominee it’s too easy to be average and basic.           

      Everyone is scared to stand out and everyone just wants to fit in and do what everyone else does. 

     Everyone is simple minded and just has one belief: work and pay bills and buy stuff and drink alcohol on the weekends to have “fun.”

Let’s see who can work the most hours at this miserable factory job and buy the biggest truck! The truck you’ll only get to use to drive to work and then it just sits there.

       It’s a very boring place so it’s hard to be yourself so you just go with the crowd and do what everyone else does. There’s no room for individuality and no chance to do what you actually want to do. 

     I felt so trapped when I lived there and felt like I could never be myself. As soon as I got up and left I felt sooooo free and so alive and I have yet to come down. 

     It feels like my life never officially started until I left. There’s so much more to life so the sooner you get out the better. 

     Don’t be scared to do what’s best for yourself because at the end of the day the only person there for you is you. Menominee is full of fake people and they’ll try to hold you back bc they’re too scared to take the next step and they’ll be jealous if you do it. So, don’t be scared to say fuck it and leave. 


     And most of all screw Michigan winters. You deserve to be somewhere where it’s 80 and sunny all year long. 

Why is it Cool to be Unhappy?

Why is it a norm to be unhappy in public. It’s like once we enter in to society it’s frowned upon to be happy and friendly. 

You get weird looks if you’re smiling or singing. 

I’ll be in my car in a great mood singing and dancing to the music but once I step out of the vehicle I feel the need to put on a straight face and try to look as emotionless as possible. 

Everyone has their heads down either looking at their phone or looking at the ground. 

It seems as if everyone is scared to stand out nowadays. But at the same time when everyone is at home behind their screens they’re hoping that they get a huge amount of likes on their photo or their tweet. 

But they fear this kind of attention in public. 

I think it’s either a fear of getting judged, or the government succeeded in separating us. Or a combination of the two. 

It’s 7 billion of us against a couple hundred of them. They feel threatened by the potential power we could have if we all came together. This is why they try so hard to separate us and try so hard to brainwash us. 

They can’t risk having a woke society. They need us to be sheep that they can easily herd. 

The only consciousness they want is in terms of production and consumption. They want to make us aware of the latest trends and all the hot items so we consume them and make them money. 


A huge goal in my life is to successfully inform the public about Veganism. I know I know “Oh he’s a vegan, he must be weird.” “Oh he has no idea what he’s talking about.” “Oh he’s a weird health freak, I’m not going to listen to him.” “Where the hell does he get his protein?”

I’ve heard it all. And trust me I was in the same position as you a couple years ago.

I thought to myself, “how the heck can someone not eat meat, they must be crazy.” “And no eggs, chicken, milk….no pepperoni pizza, that’s crazy!” 

And I also know the whole, “well it’s my life, I’m going to eat what I want, if it tastes good I’m going to eat it ,because I can. This Taco Bell tastes damn good and I’m going to keep eating it, no way I could go Vegan.”

I don’t expect you to read what I have to say and then instantly turn vegan. That is not my goal here. I’m not going to talk down on you and say you’re horrible for eating meat. All I simply want to do is to inform you. 

I just wish I knew what I know now when I was growing up. I wish there was someone to inform me and tell me how bad the food was that I was eating. That’s why I’m here to inform you about it. I just really want to help everyone and make this world a better place. And I strongly believe that if the public was more informed about food then we would be a lot better off.

You are what you eat. I’m sure you have all heard this saying. But do you actually understand how true this is. Food is literally your fuel. Our food is our energy. Just like a car needs gasoline to run; we need food. Would you rather put gross, mucky, slimy gas in your car, or pure, natural, clear gas? Same goes for food.

You have a long day ahead of you. Would you rather fuel your body with a greasy, fat burger, or some natural unprocessed food. Say you’re about to go workout; I’m sure you would rather drink a smoothie or eat a granola bar instead of drinking a soda and eating a burger.

Why is this? Well because the natural food gives you more energy and you feel a lot better. I don’t know about you but I would not want to go run a mile after eating fat greasy food.

Diet and Nutrition

A huge problem nowadays is health and wellness. Everyone wants to be in better shape, have a better physique and just ultimately feel better. Everyone instantly thinks that the thing for that is exercise. And yes, exercise definitely helps but the most important thing is nutrition and diet. No matter how hard you work out, if you have a poor diet, you’re not going to see results and you won’t have the physique you are looking for.

A wise man once told me that to have a well-balanced life you need to look at your lifestyle like a stool. There are three legs. One is diet, one is exercise, and the other is rest. If you are lacking one of these then you will not have a well-balanced life. You will not get the results you want. While rest and exercise are very important I really want to focus on diet.

Diet is a HUGE problem nowadays. All the fast food, sugar, and processed foods that we consume is unreal, and it is so unhealthy. Obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so many other illnesses are on the rise. And I 100% believe it is entirely to do with diet.

Some will argue that it’s due to our sedentary lifestyles, in other words it’s because of how much we sit around, if it be sitting on the couch watching TV, sitting in the car, or sitting down at work. And yes, this does play a huge role, but I believe if we were to fix our diets, then we would also fix our lazy lifestyles.

The reason everyone is so lazy is because our diets don’t give us the energy we need to live an active lifestyle.

A big problem with diet is people want a simple, easy meal. And fast food gives us that simple meal and for most people it tastes good too. It’s also much easier to just buy a box or can of food and heat it up instead of having to prepare and cook everything yourself. And I completely understand this. 

A huge turn off for people is having to cook. They claim to not have the time and I understand.

This is a huge reason people do not want to eat healthy because of the time it takes.

People also believe eating healthy is very expensive but it is not, I will get in to this at another time though.

A huge reason people say they do not eat healthy is because of the lack of options.

I’m going to provide you with a very simple solution to this.

So, I know there isn’t many vegan places to shop or eat.  Guess what, this is because of the lack of demand. There is a lack of demand because people are not informed about it.

And that’s why I’m here to inform you about it.

If people understand all the amazing benefits of following a vegan lifestyle then there will be a bigger demand for vegan foods. This will force stores and restaurants to provide more vegan options, because they go where the money is.

Just like KFC and Burger recently came out with vegan options. They understand there is a demand for it so they are providing options so they can make more money.

Love Yourself

Being unhappy seems to be the norm nowadays. I have a solution. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone richer, better looking, have a nicer car, house, skinnier, more talented, etc. There is no reason to compare yourself and be sad that you’re not someone else.

You have to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are. You didn’t choose the body you were born in to, hell you didn’t even choose to be born, it just happened. Who cares if you are short, or have big ears, or you’re unhappy with some physical appearance. It is not you. The real you is deep inside. The real you is your personality.

You can be the richest person in the world. You can be the best looking person in the world. Whatever it is, it won’t matter if you don’t love yourself.

Social media trains you to not love yourself, to not feel good about yourself.

There is all of these fake people living fake lives trying to make you feel like shit so you buy their products and want to be them, instead of being yourself.

People are afraid to be alone but being alone is very important in finding your true self and finding your true passions. 

When you are out in public, either at work, with friends, with family, or whatever it may be, you put on a mask. 

Everyone has a different personality/a different mask for each environment they are in.  When you’re with your friend you try to be cool. With family you are innocent. Etc. 

Difference Between Being Alone and Being Lonely

But when you’re alone, you are comfortable. You’re not scared to sing or dance or even pick your nose. You are yourself. 

And this is important. It is important to find yourself and to be yourself. Once you know who you are you know what makes you happy; this will lead you to find your passion and find your deeper purpose in life.

We are all different. We have our own little quirks and talents and characteristics. That is what makes us special. We all bring something different to the table. 

We all have our own place in society. That’s why we need to stop doing what everyone else is doing. 

Take some time to be alone. Find what you truly like. Find what makes you happy. Find your passion, and pursue it. 

Be Better Than Who You Were Yesterday

You should always strive to be better. Exercise more, eat better, read more, meditate; anything to make you a little better each day. Being happy and being successful is all about making the right choices. 

Create a habit of making the right choices.

Stop looking for happiness is external objects. A new car, new clothes, a new relationship will only bring short-term happiness. True happiness is within. You should never depend on something else for your happiness.

You can never truly love someone until you love yourself.

Reason For Creating This Blog

I do not like the current state the world is in so I am choosing to be the change that I want to see in the world. I want to inspire others to do what inspires them. I want to show everyone that it is okay to be different and do things that you enjoy. It’s okay to be judged as long as you are happy and you believe you are doing what is right.

I am not here to boast about my accomplishments or make it seem like I think I am better than everyone. I do not think I am more interesting than everyone and I do not have this belief that everyone wants to hear about my life.

I created this blog because I know times are different and everyone is struggling to find their passion nowadays. I am aware that things like depression and anxiety are on the rise and people are very unhappy nowadays.

I created this blog to let you know that you are not alone. I want to be here to guide you through everything. I want to give you tips on how to improve your life and how to become a happier person.

I don’t want this blog to be one-sided. I want to hear everyone’s opinion and I want to create a community of like-minded people. I can shamelessly admit that I have no close friends in which I can talk to about the things that I want to talk about.

I am very unique and see the world much more differently than most people. I believe it’s very bad to keep all your thoughts inside your head so I wanted to create this blog so I can put all my thoughts out there and I hope I can help people that feel the same way as me.

I have no planned topics for this blog; it’s all going to be the thoughts that come to my head and stuff that I would like my followers to know. I am very new to this and I haven’t used social media in years so I am no professional and I am always looking for tips and constructive criticism.

My goal is to improve as many lives as I can and make the world a much better place. I am not doing this for money and I’m not doing it for social status. In fact; I have been very hesitant of creating a blog because I did not want to become objectified. I am just a normal human being sharing his thoughts and trying to create a better world and spread love and happiness.

About Me

My name is Erick Bawyn. I am from Menominee Michigan. I graduated from Menominee High School and I attended Central Michigan University for three years but have recently moved to Arizona and transferred to Arizona State University. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Growing up I always knew I was different and always knew I had a bigger purpose. I just never really knew what to do with my thoughts and talents.

I was aware that I was different but I didn’t exactly know HOW different I was. For the most part I figured everyone was going through what I was going through. I thought it was just a part of growing up. Well, I was wrong. 

For you that know me you are aware of how “weird” I am. I always came off as shy and just different. I wasn’t really shy. I just thought very differently and couldn’t fit in anywhere because I couldn’t relate to anyone. So, I just kept to myself and smiled and got on with my life. I can definitely see how I came off as shy, but that just wasn’t it.

I believe my purpose is to help as many people as I can and help raise awareness.

It’s not easy being different. Everyone thinks you’re crazy. They mock you and laugh at you.

It takes a lot of strength to stay true to your roots. It’d be much easier to just give up and be comfortable and live a pleasure based life. Just to pretend to fit in and pretend to like what everyone else likes.

Just continuously distract myself with social media and Netflix. Do everything to keep my mind quiet and push away my problems and blame it on external forces.

But I’ve done that for too long. I’ve kept quiet for too long. It’s time people know the truth.

I want to be the voice that informs people it is okay to be different. We don’t have to fake our lives anymore. We can do what we truly enjoy. We can fulfill our bigger purpose.

An Insight to My Life

I am a very unique person. I have always been told how weird/different/mysterious I am. I believe this is because I have never been afraid to be myself. A big problem prevalent throughout society is the belief that we need to try to fit in. Everyone does what everyone else does and everyone is scared to be themselves.

We all have our own talents and quirks and passions, we need to start pursuing those things. We need to use our personal creativity and find a career within that field.

That is what I’ve been doing my whole life and that is why I’m considered different. I have yet to find that one passion to choose a career in but I am at least trying. I know that my passion is to help people but I just don’t know the one career I want to choose. I, like everyone else, am guilty of trying to conform to society’s ways.

I decided to go to college and pursue a degree that would make me a lot of money so I could look successful in society’s eyes. I went to college with the intention of getting a degree in accounting so I could make a decent wage.

After a couple weeks, I realized that’s not what I wanted to do. I realized I wasn’t living for myself, and I realized it wasn’t my true passion. After the first semester of college I switched to a degree in Astrophysics. I have always loved space and I was very good at math so I thought this was a good career choice. I believed space exploration was very important because it brings everyone together and it gives society as a whole, something to strive for. Just look at the moon landing and how that brought everyone together; everyone was tuned in on that day and that’s all they were talking about.

I was excelling in my classes and I ended up getting in to a program in which I had a chance to get offered a free ride to any grad school I wanted, and the program would pay for me to travel the country and work with people in my field. After a while I began to lose passion for that career choice and I turned down the offer. I realized that we shouldn’t be searching the universe for new life when we can’t even co-exist with the life on our own planet.

So finally, I ended up pursuing a degree in Philosophy. A lot of people get turned off when they hear the word Philosophy. They believe it’s some complex subject that they would have no idea what’s going on; but this is a huge misconception.

The origin of the word Philosophy is, the love of wisdom. Philosophy is just thinking about the world, society, and the universe and asking questions about the basic knowledge of human thought, the nature of the universe, and how they are connected.

So basically, it’s the study of humans; what we are, where we came from, and why we think the way we do. I have always been interested in this so I thought might as well pursue a degree in it so I can be around like-minded people and I’ll have the credentials for when the time comes in which I want to rant about something.