Christ Has Returned

Christ has returned in a sense. Not physically but consciously.

Jesus Christ wasn’t this almighty person who will single-handedly solve all the worlds problems.

I believe “Jesus” was the first person to be born fully Christ Conscious. So, the person Jesus Christ won’t actually return. Christ consciousness will return; and it has. He was the first to exhibit this higher consciousness and he left to go to the higher dimension to prepare it for humanity. 

To go to “heaven” and live the good life is to become Christ Conscious.

All of his teachings were on how to reach this level of consciousness.

We shouldn’t be just reading the Bible and expecting salvation. We shouldn’t choose a religion and say mine is right and yours is wrong. We need to start implying the important lessons to our life.

If you believe in heaven and Christ then it shouldn’t be hard to believe in spirits. Transcending to heaven just means going to the higher dimension. With hell being the lower dimension. Going to hell is from living a physical ego based life. Heaven is living a spiritual and conscious life.

Christ consciousness is living in the present to find your true self within. Killing the ego and living a spiritual life rather than a physical one. 

No one knows the exact date “Christ will return fully” and we reach “salvation” because it is up to us, the people, to raise the awareness and consciousness.

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